Must-See Events at Federation Square - Kids & Families

Must-See Events at Federation Square - Kids & Families


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Fri 29 Mar 2024 - Sun 14 Apr 2024

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Federation Square has a busy program ahead and it all starts with the free The (Very) Big Laugh Out on Friday 29 March 2024 from 1.30-3pm & 3.30-5pm on the main stage - a massive day of free-flowing family fun on Good Friday! Why not kick off the school holidays with world-class street performers, the best physical and musical comedy acts and so much more, all at no cost to you! Presented by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (27 Mar-21 Apr 2024), this year's line up features Kirsty Webeck, Oliver Coleman, Bubble Laboratory, Dane Simpson, Josh Glanc, Mr Snotbottom, The Listies, Dandyman, Showko, Tricksy, Jeromaia Detto and more! It’s undeniably the most fun way for the family to spend the start of the long weekend with an exciting and surprising all-ages program jam-packed with stellar acts. With the comedy festival in full force until 21 April, why not check out the website for a night or three of laughter we all deserve. I'm all booked to see one of my favourites and a few others.

Stay till late on Good Friday (the same day) after the comedy event above to enjoy a Debunking The Bunny Film Marathon from 5pm to late Fri 29 Mar. Again free, this outdoor cinema will screen playful and curious classics on the big screen that’ll make you question if the Bunny Rabbit is the symbol of Easter. There's Aardman’s animation Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Wererabbit (2005); wear your fedoras with the Jimmy Stewart comedy Harvey (1950); and live in a very, very mad world with the cult drama Donnie Darko (2001). Do note Donnie Darko includes elements that might not be suitable for some viewers with references to mental health and suicide. All film screenings will be subtitled, so you'll still be able to read what's going on, if you can't hear above the noise of the masses if any.

With the school holidays afoot, here's another for the kids and families, and again completely free. Play Date by all the Queens Men will run from 4-6 April (follow link for show times and drop-in workshops); a dance party for the little people and their families. Join pop duo Turtle and Sugar Rush on their journey through colourful adventures and share songs about identity, body positivity, and the power of imagination. Featuring original pop bangers like “Different”, “Frown to Crown”, “Fruit Time” and the instant classic “My Chosen Family”, this day doof disco, high-energy music concert and dance party is suited for kids aged 2-7 yrs and their parents/ guardians and friends. Note - before the show you're invited to share in a treasure trove of crafts, choreography and costume making in the Atrium. Make your own unicorn-sque gymnastic ribbon, a glitter crown and your own colouring-in map for Play Date adventures. You can also spend some time learning Auslan-inclusive dance moves that'll be used during the show.

Little Food Festival 10-11 April 10.30am-3pm

This is Australia's first and only food festival for kids , where education, exploration and creativity come together for two exciting days of food-filled fun. You'll find full details here on the website . Gathering together are Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, Oz Harvest, United African Farm, Bunnings, and more – along with hosts The Fruit Nerd and Costa for this once-in-a-generation chance to help kids understand that they have the power to change the future; wrapped in the fun of a festival. Little Food Festival 2024 is not just a great school holiday event; it’s an opportunity for kids to reimagine the future for themselves, their families, communities, and the planet. You'll find activation zones where you can roll your sleeve sup to plant seedlings, dive into the world of bush food, unleash your creativity in craft activities, master the art of preparing nutritious meals and more! Find out more about the activation zones here .

The Flying Canoe is an interactive adventure for families that explores the dynamic stories of Kiribati, our Pacific neighbour. Come along and take a trip with comedian Bobby Macumber from 11-14 April 2024 from 11am-12pm and 1.30-2.30pm at 'The Edge'. Meet some sassy, salty spirits, fend off giant mud crabs, and dive into crystal blue waters as you work towards helping Bobby’s cousin, Nei Kinoia, become a fully qualified magic spinner! Featuring an immersive soundscape, and traditional Kiribati singing and dancing, ‘The Flying Canoe’ is a playful way to experience the living history and the culture embedded in the lands and waters of the islands of Kiribati.

You can continue the celebration of Kiribati culture with Ko na Mauri Melbourne ; a cultural event celebrating the vibrant traditions of the I-Kiribati community on Sunday 14 April 2024 at 3pm - the last day of The Flying Canoe event. It flows on at 'The Edge' at Fed Sq, so stay and be swept up in the captivating rhythms and melodies of traditional Kiribati music and songs. Delight in the traditional dances that tell tales of travel, navigation, fishing, weaving and Kiribati life. Accompanied by the reverberating box that counts the beat, the Kiribati choirs will echo across Fed Square, proudly sharing their stories through song and dance. There's so much more happening throughout the year, so stay in touch via the website or subscribe to be first in the know.

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