Top 5 Tourist Attractions in New York

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in New York


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New York City can be described as one of the most well-known cities across the globe. It provides its tourists and citizens alike with a wide variety of different activities. With an endless amount of opportunities for amusement, entertainment, and education, people travel from far and near to see Broadway Shows, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, famous museums and lots of historic neighborhoods. Anytime is the right time to travel for a tour, since this city is packed with more than enough to do.

1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty and Battery Park.

Constructed in 1886, The Statue of Liberty stands 152 feet tall and weighs approximately 450,000 pounds. Tourists have spent many hours on their vacations viewing the fascinating scenery from the top. To make sure visitors have an opportunity to tour the inside, the tickets should always be purchased in advance.

2. Empire State Building

Another famous landmark that is a must see when arriving in New York is the Empire State Building . Opened in the year 1931, it too is one of the most famous places to visit in this area. Standing at 381 m tall with 102 stories high, tourists who visit will have a chance to see distances as far away as 80 miles, including other surrounding states like Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The experience of entering the Empire State Building is usually mixed for those who make it in since the lines are almost always ridiculously long. However, for those that do make it in, it is more than well worth the wait.

3. Broadway"If you can make it on Broadway, you can make it anywhere." A common saying that people recognize from all over the world. Therefore, it is a place that tends to pique the interest of anyone who has an opportunity to visit and see these live performances.

Broadway does not only refer to the theater itself, but a vast diversity of theater venues, so there is usually something going on that gets the attention of any tourists.

4. 7 Fifth Avenue New York

7 Fifth Avenue New York is a staple for anyone who likes to shop for the latest fashion statements. When planning a shopping trip and a great place to sight see, 7 Fifth Avenue is always one of the best places to spending most or all of a tourist's time. With a reputation for premier shopping, many of the top designers in the fashion industry have located their flagship stores here. From Cartier and Tiffany to Saks Fifth Avenue, this is the place for serious shoppers and novice alike.

5. Times Square

Though its original name was known as Longacre Square, Time Square is now renown for a number of different things. Since 1904, it has evolved significantly through the years. During the depression in 1928, it began to decay. It was during this era many of the theaters shut down. Reviving this area became the city's initiative when they invited large corporations like Disney to put up their businesses in this area. Today, Time Square is known for its mammoth billboards, restaurants, shopping centers and its theaters.

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