5 Must Have Summer Items for Your Wardrobe

5 Must Have Summer Items for Your Wardrobe


Posted 2017-07-11 by Nathan Howardfollow

Summer is officially here and that means away goes the winter coats, hats and gloves. Although a t-shirt and shorts would suffice, here we go through 5 must-have summer items to add to your summer attire this season!

A denim jacket
We all know British summer can be, well… unreliable, so a denim jacket is the perfect way to add to your summer collection, or even to smarten up your look. A lighter coloured denim would be ideal for sunny days, and a distressed look would work wonders. Investing in one of these could cost as little as £50 for a decent good quality denim, whilst helping you stand out this summer!

**An essential summer item we all need, sunglasses can go with almost any outfit and are suited for any daytime occasion. Getting the right shape can depend on your face shape and personal taste, so I'd recommend visiting a store to choose a shape first, then work from there. Sunglasses can range from £5-£1000's but generally, you find the more you pay, the better quality they are, but also offer the most protection from the sun.

A cap
Most people can pull off a cap this summer, and if you can't ... try anyway! Able to be worn front or back facing, this versatile accessory is great to add to your collection. The colour you choose may depend on your outfit, but with caps available for cheap costs, why not buy several colours!

Linen… Everything linen!
Linen is such a delicate fabric with a luxurious feel, and is a perfect way to look smart without suffering from the heat! Linen shirts are my favourite… but shorts, even full suits can all be bought in linen. Pastel colours work well with this delicate material, and look great in summer!

A smart pair of loafers
Footwear can be tricky in summer, particularly for the guys. Loafers (or even boat shoes) are a great way to dress smart, avoiding wearing flip-flops to a restaurant which is a huge no-no! Some good quality brogues will do fine, suede ones are always a good choice as they won't carry much weight to them.

TIP: To make any outfit look slightly more casual, try rolling up your sleeves slightly on your shirts during summer.

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