Mushroom Foraging at Oberon

Mushroom Foraging at Oberon


Posted 2015-05-08 by Aisyah Galafollow
Oberon is situated in the magnificent central tablelands of Blue Mountains, The drive to Oberon from North Sydney takes around 3 hours.

It would be recommended to stop by the Oberon Visitors Centre before embarking on your mushroom foraging adventure. When I was there, I was greeted by a friendly lady who handed me maps and gave me directions on how to get to the Mushroom Foraging fields, provided me with some tips on which mushrooms to pick and which ones I should stay away from and assured me that the Huntsman and leeches might occasionally appear but otherwise there is nothing I should worry about.

The lady pointed me to the direction of Blackspring. It was about a 20 minutes drive from Oberon. From Oberon, I drove along Abercrombie Road and I had to make a turn into Riverview Road, which is an unpaved road.

You know you're at the right place when you spot these mystical plants growing in abundance at the side of the roads. I was lucky I decided to forage some mushrooms right after a whole week of rain. The wet autumn weather serves as the optimal condition for mushrooms to grow.

As there were no designated parking spots, I had to park on the grass at the side of the road.

So I began my foraging expedition!

These are the two types of mushrooms I foraged:
1. Saffron Milk Cap- orange with some darker orange spots on the cap with gills on the bottom. Has a distinct funnel like shape.

2. Slippery Jack- brownish and slimy on top, spongy, porous and yellowish below the cap.

There were plenty of the Fly Agaric mushrooms which are poisonous in large doses so I did my best to avoid them!

My mushroom adventure did not end after collecting a bag full of wild mushrooms! Upon reaching home, I cleaned my mushroom and stored them in a paper bag and place them in the fridge.

The next day, I looked for some recipes online and found one which was relatively easy and gave it a try:

The sautéed Saffron Milk Caps were amazingly delicious! It's latin name, Lactarius deliciosus, definitely lived up to its name! It tasted fresh and has a bit of crunch to it. Totally loved it!

I'm definitely heading to Oberon for mushroom hunting again before Autumn comes to an end!

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