Murray Bridge Street Art Trail

Murray Bridge Street Art Trail


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Murray Bridge boasts several artworks within its CBD. The original five murals had existed for some time, but another five were recently created during the Wall to Wall festival. Artists came from across the country and overseas to paint the walls of various buildings.


At Muray Bridge Regional Gallery, you'll find a mural installation by the internationally renowned SMUG. He took inspiration from a girl he knows and tackled the gallery's side wall with aerosol spray cans. In just three days, he has produced an extremely realistic portrait worth pondering.

Justine McAllister

On the corner of Railway Terrace and Fourth Street is the Salvation Army Thrift Shop which has been painted by Melbourne-based artist Justine McAllister. Her work is bold and playful, focusing on the theme of river and bridge. Members of the local community would surely be able to identify with this piece.

Stephanie Cartledge

With participation from the public, Stephanie Cartledge transformed the MBHS Independent Learning Centre into a community art space. She encouraged people to engage with the artwork by making it approachable (a paint-by-numbers approach). She is known for emphasising shapes and their interplay with each other. Her striking work depicts some of the wildlife that lives in the River Murray. Do see if you can tell what they are when you visit.

Mike Makatron

In 2020, Mike Makatron created 'Flower Dreaming' on Seventh Street. The mural features bees pollinating native flowers as well as a young woman dreamily lying in a field. It speaks of not only food production but also human interaction with nature. For those with a smartphone, you can scan the QR code, raise your phone to the mural and enjoy some augmented reality. Two other augmented reality murals can also be found further up the road.

Morris Green

Edwards Square Soundshell is no longer the same after DREZ's contribution to the festival. He has painted a dynamic piece across the facade of the soundshell. There is a sense of movement and depth in his work.


And, last but not least, one of Australia's most-watched contemporary street artists has left his mark on the side wall of the Murraylands Skills Centre. Sofles's larger-than-life piece is viewable from Bridgeport Hotel's carpark.


Murray Bridge is located approximately 75 kilometres southeast of Adelaide and easily accessible via National Highway M1. You'll be there in an hour, so why not make it a point to explore its street art trail over the weekend! A map can be downloaded here . There are a couple more murals not mentioned in this article.


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