Murder at the Bowlo presented by ImproMafia as part of the Anywhere Festival

Murder at the Bowlo presented by ImproMafia as part of the Anywhere Festival


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Fri 06 May 2022 - Fri 13 May 2022

Transport yourself back to 1987 Queensland at the Bowlo for an evening of malicious politics, mystery and murder.

You may be already over politics with the impending propaganda for the federal election, but this is a night with a difference. You are invited to witness a murder and become immersed in the malicious mystery in a good ol' Who dunnit.

The Rural Party are holding a fundraiser for Graeme Pintzer MP and you are invited to grab a beer and rock on down to help. But beware every night there will be a devious murder and it is your role as a snitch to sniff out the culprit.

Acting Sergeant Richard Head is as crooked and as stupid as they come and needs your skills to chat, observe and deduce who committed the murder, how and why and what was their motivation.

Of the ten characters, one will be murdered and one is the killer. Pretty good odds. However, the devious ImproMafia players will set traps and tricks leading you into blind (bowling) alleys and away from the truth. It is your role to jockey with the jokers to find justice for the newly deceased.

It could be the local MP Graeme Pintzer, the ocker Rural Party President Bruce Swinney, or perhaps one the ladies such as English teacher Gabby Bennet, the vivacious Party Secretary Jazz Jeffries or Siobhan Gnò, the friendly Small Business Entrepreneur amongst others. The decision is yours.

If you do survive the event and the crime is solved you may hear a musical tribute from Guest Entertainer Coco Deluxe aka Coco Daddy or even win a meat-tray!

It is a fun-filled intriguing show sprinkled with salacious scandals and slander. There will be a murder, so grab your ticket and a deer stalker hat to join ImproMafia at the Bowlo as part of the Brisbane Anywhere Festival.

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