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Munsterhaus Cafe


Posted 2019-03-08 by Justine de Jongefollow
There are many places around Melbourne that can provide food at a moment's notice. Instant food, even fast food, is as popular as ever. Food delivery services can supply customers with food in a speedy fashion.

But what happens when you remove the location from the instant food? You don't get a feel for the business, its mission and values. One spot in Fitzroy North melds instant food with its retro-styled, timbered surrounds – Munsterhaus Café .

Munsterhaus Café provides healthy and tasty vegetarian and vegan food, lovingly prepared with locally sourced produce in an inner-city corner shop. After said food is prepared, it's served to customers in a cafeteria format. This means that you can visit Munsterhaus, grab a tasty and nutritionally gifted plate of food before sitting back at a table to take in the sights and tastes. Sun-flooded windows allow for the natural world to roll in, whether be the afternoon hue of a summer sky or the light patter of a winter rain.

What's another thriving element to Munsterhaus' ethic is their ever-rotating roster of meals. Choose from three plate sizes – small, medium or large – then choose the options available to you. Lightly fried tofu, a range of daal and legume dishes or roast vegetables serve as the hero of each meal. Then choose to garner your meal with a bouquet of fresh salads – Middle Eastern styled chickpea salad with rocket, cauliflower cooked in turmeric and, my favourite, shredded beetroot and carrot. Those who need choices free of onion, garlic or gluten, are covered here easily.

If you're still hungry after your fulfilling plate, take a dessert from the small selection available; from cakes from lemon and coconut or mocha spiced. Hot and cold drinks naturally flow here, too such as sparkling and fresh juices, herbal teas and list of mandatory-Melbourne coffees and mochas. A hearty range of plant-based milk is available for those not wanting dairy.

Whether you're seeking an instant meal for lunch or dinner, or a meal where you can chill out for a little longer (breakfast served via a short order menu), then consider Munsterhaus and re-connect with those who are creating meals from the heart.

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