Muller Park: Undambi Playground in Bli Bli

Muller Park: Undambi Playground in Bli Bli


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The Gubbi Gubbi First Nation people , who are the recognised Traditional Custodians in this region, provided the inspiration and creativity for the improvements at Muller Park in Bli Bli, on the Sunshine Coast. The very popular 3.6-hectare Muller Park is scenically positioned alongside the Maroochy River, within walking distance of Main Street in Bli Bli.

This family-oriented park and its surroundings is a culturally significant site, with a long history of Aboriginal and in later years, South Sea Islander, occupation. Muller Park's playground design is based on the animals, materials and tools used in traditional day-to-day life by the Gubbi Gubbi First Nation people. The educational significance of visiting Muller Park is both enlightening and moving.

Undambi playground and equipment narrative

*Oyster path - pathway surrounding the playground
Oysters were one of the main food sources for the Kabi Kabi people of coastal areas, the evidence of which was confirmed by the large number of oyster shells discovered in midden excavations.

*Fish trap - playground equipment that has been replicated to look like a fish trap
The Maroochy River and its adjoining tributaries have been used for fishing by the Gubbi Gubbi people long before Europeans settled in this area. This playground equipment is based on a traditional fish trap, replicating the bell shape of the traps that were traditionally woven from grasses and reeds.

*Black swan rockers
Black swans (cygnus atratus) or muru-kutchi (meaning red-bill) in Gubbi Gubbi dialect hold significant importance to the Gubbi Gubbi people. The swans and eggs were hunted for food and the swan forms part of Mount Coolum's Dreamtime story.

*Basket swing - The Gubbi Gubbi women would gather fern roots, eggs, honey and materials in baskets, made from leaves and grasses woven together.

As part of the 2018 Commonwealth Games event, the Sunshine Coast Council, in partnership with the Queensland Government, Nature Play Queensland and the Office of the Commonwealth Games, installed a traditional indigenous games trail in Muller Park. The games and trail location were selected in consultation with the traditional owners of the Gubbi Gubbi. The games trail is called 'Biwathin', pronounced 'Bee-wad-jin', and comes from the Gubbi Gubbi language, meaning 'make laugh'.

To find out more about the traditional games that were played by indigenous children in many different parts of Australia, follow the Biwathin Games Trail here.

Muller Park in Bli Bli has an abundance of features that will appeal to everybody in the family, young and young at heart. A section of this park has also been designated as an unfenced dog off-leash area. Besides being home to the Maroochy River Rowing Club, additional features at Muller Park include:

  • A basketball half-court
  • Four shelters, two with BBQ facilities

  • Muller Park is also home to the Guyu's friend Mr Pelican Story Seat ; used to be Grug .

  • A large kick-about space
  • Skate park

  • Dual-lane concrete boat ramp
  • 25-bay boat trailer car park
  • And even a fish-cleaning station
  • Wheelchair accessible

  • The large shaded indigenous-themed playground and games trail at Muller Park in Bli Bli is well worth bookmarking for a fun-filled outdoor family adventure. Why not pack a picnic, fishing rods, kid's bicycles, skateboards and even your four-legged pal for a fabulous day out next to the Maroochy River!

    NB: Sunshine Coast readers may note that in some instances, the name Kabi Kabi is used, whilst at other times the name Gubbi Gubbi is used - it has everything to do with the pronunciation. The name Kabi Kabi is pronounced as Gubbi Gubbi, so in the 1990's the Gubbi Gubbi elders agreed to call themselves Gubbi Gubbi to more accurately reflect the pronunciation - with thanks to for this clarification.

    Location: 319-323 David Low Way (corner of Muller Park Road and David Low), Bli Bli

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