Mt George Lookout & Historic Semaphore

Mt George Lookout & Historic Semaphore


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Mt. George Lookout & Historic Semaphore

The historic George Town is located on the banks of the picturesque Tamar River at Tasmania's north coast. This coastal town is a 30-40-minute drive from Launceston and is surrounded by vineyards, orchids, and berry and lavender farms.

This scenic maritime town has a rich history as well as being home to Mt George Lookout and the Historic Semaphore. offers the best photo opportunities of the valley, surrounding districts, Bell Bay, Tamar Valley towards Launceston, and of course, the Bass Strait.

Archaeological remains, as well as the spectacular unique native habitat trail, can be found at the base of the viewing platform of the Lookout. The Historic Semaphore was used for transmitting shipping and other messages between George Town (later Low Head) and Launceston.

The Port Office at George Town would display the message to be transmitted in code flags, and this would be observed by Mt George Station and relayed by semaphore to Mt Direction and from there on to Windmill Hill in Launceston.

On a clear day, messages were able to be sent and received in a matter of minutes. The system expanded in 1825 with the addition of a semaphore mast at Low Head which transmitted directly to Mt George.

The Semaphore system operated for 20 years until the electric telegraph replaced the semaphore.

is a wonderful attraction to appreciate the lay of the land as well as learn more about the history.

The area is part of the territory of the Leterremairrener (Port Dalrymple) band of Aboriginal people, members of the North Midlands tribe.

makes a great pit-stop when visiting George Town or passing by. Facilities include viewing platform, picnic facilities, and free carpark.

is close to Devonport, however, the drive meanders through rolling hills of the valley and crosses the river's only bridge, making this scenic drive around an hour and 20 minutes.

Hobart to the Lookout is around 3 hours away.

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