Mt Albion Waterfalls Day Trip

Mt Albion Waterfalls Day Trip


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Mt. Albion Waterfalls Day Trip

The scenic Bruce Trail is a 560 mile public footpath that winds along the Niagara Escarpment, affording spectacular views along the way. In the Hamilton, Ontario, area, you will find the Bruce Trail leads you by many of the areas more than 100 beautiful waterfalls. Mt. Albion waterfalls is about an hour's drive from Toronto.

Bruce Trail Conservancy Interactive Map

My favourite is Mt. Albion falls because it is still non-touristy, is totally free, and even has free parking across the road. Mt. Albion is a 62 foot waterfalls, that cascades down a multitude of thin rocky ledges.

You'll need decent foot gear to climb up and down the rough path down to the bottom. The day I visited, I found young children through grandmothers managing the trail without too much trouble.

Be aware that there are no railings, or fences, to guard the trail, and there are some steep drop offs. Despite this, it was very busy with everyone wanting to enjoy the beauty and serenity.

There are several access points where you can clamber out onto the rocky ledges and actually walk out into the middle of the waterfalls! Go slowly as the rock is covered with a thin layer of moss growing just under the water and can be slippery.

The Niagara Escarpment's rock strata is that of a harder limestone cap, which sits over weaker shale that erodes away faster causing the capstone to collapse.

Waterfalls, along with beaches, and mountains, give off abundant negative ions. These improve mood, reduce stress, and help depression. Visiting a waterfalls is a great break away from the stresses of modern living, and to get away from the computer!

Across the road, you will find a small parking lot and continuation of the walking trail. Parking is free. On the other side of the bridge/falls, you will find the walking trail leads through the adjacent King's Forest park.

Mt. Albion Falls has a number of ghost stories attached to it, including a lover's leap tale, unfortunate murder victims, and other spooky stories.

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Okay, only 99 more waterfalls to cover! Just kidding...

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