Mr Mo For Movember

Mr Mo For Movember


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Mr. Mo For Movember

[ADVERT]The month of November is just about to roll around, and with it, the beginning of Movember . Yes, soon there will be an abundance of masculine facial hair walking our streets, and it will all be in the name of charity, an excuse for even the least hirsute of men to throw their shaver aside and attempt to grow some facial fuzz.

Movember has grown (excuse the pun) in popularity over recent years, with many big names in sport and the media participating to raise awareness of men's health (in particular prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health initiatives).

Now the book world is joining the campaign with the release of Mr. Mo, the latest instalment in Roger Hargreaves' iconic Mr. Men series. Mr. Mo is a gentleman, pure and simple, and he embodies all the characteristics that those participating in Movember are expected to embody. He is polite, charming, and thoughtful towards others. One day (the first of November, in fact), Mr. Mo decides to go to the barber's but while he is there, he falls asleep in his chair. When he wakes up, he is horrified to discover that the barber has given him a clean shave, and his moustache is no more!

Mr. Mo soon notices a difference in his behaviour, which becomes very un-gentleman-like as a result of having no moustache - he starts to become rude and less courteous. But as his moustache slowly grows back, so do his manners and he begins to wonder whether his friends might become better men if they too were to grow a moustache. He encourages them to grow one, and they become better men for it. By the end of November, they all have very impressive facial hair, and Mr. Mo has learnt a very important lesson.

Penguin Books have released this special limited edition as a hardcover, despite the majority of the series only being available in paperback, and will donate 20% from the sale of each book to the Movember 13 campaign. With the recommended retail price of this book at $4.99, you will be helping to support a fantastic cause and getting a great little book at a bargain price.

Buy one for someone you know who will be participating in Movember for some added encouragement, give a copy to a child so that they can learn about the gentlemanly qualities associated with the Movember movement, or keep it for yourself. Whoever you decide to give it to, I guarantee that Mr. Mo will be a welcome addition to any bookshelf.

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