MPAS Public Stargazing Nights

MPAS Public Stargazing Nights


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Fri 04 Aug 2023

There's no denying that the night sky, and the universe beyond what our eyes can see, are beautiful and wonderful things, but how much do you really know about them? Humans have been drawn to the skies forever, they fascinate us; they have spawned stories of gods, of aliens, of wondrous worlds beyond our imagining. The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society knows well the human passion for the skies. They know quite a bit about what's out there and they are ready to share it with you on one of their family-friendly Public Stargazing Nights.

The enthusiastic volunteers at MPAS will share their abundant knowledge with a multi-media presentation about the moon, the planets, the stars, and the universe. They'll tell you about meteorites too and you'll even get to hold one. They invite questions, so feel free to pick their brains. Depending on attendance numbers and the time of year, the presentation might be before or after the actual telescope viewings at the MPAS Mount Martha Observatory.

The highlight of the night is your time at the telescopes. MPAS members have quite a variety of them and will happily guide you to get the best out of your viewing time. You might see the moon, planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, stars and clusters, satellites and perhaps even the International Space Station as it passes over. The MPAS members will operate the telescopes for you.

If you're thinking, what if I book and the sky is clouded over or it's raining? The folks at MPAS have that covered. Rather than cancel, they will go ahead with the presentation and you'll be able to come along to the next viewing at no extra cost.

The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society was founded in 1969, the year of the Apollo 11 moon landing, to facilitate and encourage the study of astronomy, space and general science. They are a volunteer-run organisation with about three hundred members and a keen interest in promoting astronomy to the public. The Mount Martha Observatory was the first registered amateur observatory in Australia and has been their home since 1994.

The Public Stargazing nights are held on the first Friday of the month and start at 8pm. They talke place at the MPAS Mount Martha Observatory in The Briars Historical and Conservation Park, 450 Nepean Highway, Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. Please dress appropriately for outdoor viewings and for a grassy or uneven surface. Ticket prices are $35 for a family, $15 for adults and $5 for children. Bookings are essential and can be made at You are well advised to book early, as these events are quick to sell out.

Tea, coffee, cordial and biscuits are free all evening, and cans of cold drinks and bottled water can be purchased. The MPAS also have merchandise for sale which can vary on the night but might include meteorites, hand-warmer sachets, glow sticks, beanies, jigsaw puzzles, small red light torches, special almanacs and sky charts.

MPAS run other events too, such as astrophotography evenings, telescope learning days, International Observe the Moon night, and observing nights for schools. Keep an eye on their website: or follow their Facebook page: for details. New members are welcome. They can be contacted by email on [email protected]

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