Mountain Goat Brewery

Mountain Goat Brewery


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Melbournians have long been enjoying some fantastic coffee, but it is only more recently that microbreweries and some of the fantastic beer that they produce have become popular. Mountain Goat, having first hit the shelves in 1997, is one of the earlier microbreweries and is a name that will be familiar to almost all beer aficionados around the city.

The or The Goat Bar where this delicious beverage is made is located in Richmond on the corner of North and Clark St. Unfortunately the bar is only open on Wednesday and Friday nights since its main function is a brewery. Don't let this deter you though, because on the nights that they are open the bar has a great atmosphere and is filled with many people enjoying an after work drink.

As would be expected at a brewery, the star attraction is the beer. All of Mountain Goats popular beers are on tap, such as their Hightail and Steam ales, as well as some of their so called Rare Breed beers which, as the name implies, are only brewed occasionally, often in line with current season. These beers offer a powerful beer drinking experience and will often have you raving about the hops in them much like a seasoned wine drinker might talk about their favourite tipple.

With sophisticated beers then, one would hope that the food at Mountain Goat would live up to this high benchmark. While the choice is limited to pizza, the pizzas are made exceptionally well using quality ingredients and sold at a very reasonable price.

If all of this doesn't do justice to your love of beer then fear not, for tours of the brewery are also offered earlier in the evening. This gives people a chance to see what it takes to achieve a perfect head on a beer or the perfect balance of flavour. If you are one of the growing number of people who have had a go at brewing your own beer then it will give you a great insight into how the professionals do their job and maybe even give you some ideas on what went wrong with your latest batch.

The opens at 5pm on a Wednesday and Friday. It is located at 80 North Street, Richmond, and can be easily accessed by tram or car, though parking is not always easy to find.

Mountain Goat particularly encourage people to ride their bikes and with them being so close to the Yarra Trail it can be a lovely ride there and back without having to contend with peak hour traffic. Brewery tours start at 6:30 and there is no need to book for groups under 4.

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