Mountain Bliss Nepalese Restaurant

Mountain Bliss Nepalese Restaurant


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Mountain Bliss in Stones Corner serves Nepalese and modern cuisine, offering the adventurous something new, different and exciting to try, while also serving up flavour and dishes from that part of the world many people are already familiar with.

About Nepalese Cuisine

With a variety of ethnicities and climates in a fairly small but not always easy to get around country, it is hard to pin down exactly what Nepalese cuisine is all about. The most common thing eaten in the country is Daal bhat tarkari or Thali set, which is a combination of dishes served with bread and rice. It is basically the main meal eaten several times a day by many people in Nepal.

Many people will notice the overlap between the cuisines of Nepal and its neighbours, India and Tibet, and in modern times, there was even been Chinese influences in their diet, including chow mein or fried noodles. Overall, what you have though is a unique combination of flavours and influences, as well as a lot of special local food as well.

They do use a fair amount of chilli in their cooking, but not too much for anyone who enjoys spicy food. Though a lot of Brisbane people I know might find them a little hot, there are plenty of non-spicy options for people who prefer to avoid too much chilli.

About Mountain Bliss

With both authentic Nepalese food and modern India style cuisine, Mountain Bliss aims at serving the favourites of the Nepalese community, as well as attracting non-Nepalese diners with both unique and well-loved flavours and dishes. The own, Rojal, has worked hard to develop the right menu, and loves to promote the really authentic Nepalese flavours but has also included a wide range of choices for all tastes.

The restaurant itself is colourful with seating inside and out, and plenty of tables for larger groups. It is also nicely decorated with plants out the front, creating a relaxed atmosphere which is supported by the friendly service of the staff. In the future, they plan to have Nepalese music on weekends.

Highlights from the menu

Possibly many people's favourite would be momos. For most people, these are associated with Tibetan cuisine, but while Nepalese momos are similar, they have a slightly different flavour. The best option is steamed but there are fried versions as well. You can choose between vegetarian, chicken or pork and they come with two different types of hot sauce.

Another entree worth trying is pani-puri. These are fried hollow crispbread spheres with the top removed and served with a filling and a sauce. You fill up the pani, add some of the sauce, and eat. As the filling is served cold, I would recommend the vegetarian option would be nicer for most people.

The other one that I tried was the Newari Khaza Set (Samhe Baji), which is similar to the Thali Set but comes from the Newari people of Nepal and has a Newari style pan bread. We choose goat meat but there are vegetarian, chicken and pork options as well. With multiple different dishes on the plate, some hot and some cold, you can sample several different flavours. The less adventurous might not enjoy everything but these sets are good to get to share with others to find out what you like.

For meat lovers, then the sekuwa or skewers are the way to go. They have a range of Nepalese and India flavours. For something different, try the goat, even though barbecued goat is usually a little tough, it is still delicious. Vegetarians can choose the vegetable skewers instead.

While you are there, try the Neapese beer or Nepalese style rice wine. Of course, there are other common beers available, including the popular Tiger beer.


While some authentic Nepalese dishes may not be to everyone's taste, they are worth trying at least once, and they are sure to please the Nepalese community here in Brisbane. But there are plenty of fan favourites to eat, including momos and Nepalese barbecue skewers, as well as Indian style dishes that are as popular in Nepal as they are in Australia.

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