Mount Maroon Hike, Mount Barney National Park

Mount Maroon Hike, Mount Barney National Park


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Mount Maroon top has stunning 360-degree views ranging from Mount Barney to the Lamington National Park, Main Range National Park, Maroon Lake and the Moogerah Peaks.

Mount Maroon is 967 metres high and it is located in Mount Barney National Park, together with six other peaks including Mount Barney, Mount Ernest, Mount Lindesay, Mount May, Mount Ballow and Mount Clunie.

Mount Barney National Park is part of the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia World Heritage Area. The National Park protects the biodiversity of flora and fauna, including lineage from prehistoric times.

Mount Maroon is what remains of an ancient volcano that erupted more than 24 million years ago. It features long columns of rhyolite that are amazing rock formations that resemble enormous organ pipes.

The mountain's original name given in the Yuggera language was Wahlmoorum, which means sand goanna.

Mount Maroon trail is about 6km long; the hike is classified hard because of the steepness, the rock scrambling and the rugged trail. The hike starts about 330 metres above sea level; elevation gain is about 650 metres.

Allow six hours for the hike, including morning tea at Mount Maroon Lookout. Take time to enjoy the stunning views at the top and have a snack before descending.

The trail is on the north-east ridge and it continues into a steep, narrow, rocky gorge.

You need a certain level of fitness to be able to cope with the hiking steep sections and the rock scrambling and you need hiking experience.

This is a beautiful hike, with enough challenges, rocky scrambling sections, great rocks and rocky surfaces. Along the trail and on the top, there is different vegetation, and often there are bushes in bloom with buzzing insects.

Tread softly, be careful not to dislodge rocks; don't pull yourself up grabbing trees with the risk of uprooting them.

In the last months, the number of hikers walking on the trails has increased.

Unfortunately, it seems the rate of erosion of some parts of the trail on Mount Maroon has become worse, degrading the track considerably. Erosion is more visible and there are lots of loose rocks which represent a hazard. Take care not to dislodge the rocks.

At about twenty minutes away from the top, there is Mount Maroon Lookout. It is a great spot for morning tea with exceptional views.

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Even in winter, there are bushes in bloom on Mount Maroon, with many bees busy collecting the pollen.

Mount Maroon is good to hike in any season but certainly, winter is the best season. Crispy mornings, clear perfect views and less sweating.

After hiking Mount Maroon together, the hikers of the Group Hiking South East Qld and More and I headed to The Shed Cafe. I was really looking forward to sitting down and relax over a cup of coffee and share reflections with the group.

The Shed Cafe is only a few minutes away and it is a great place to meet up after a hike.

The Shed Cafe is at 4 Upper Logan Rd, Rathdowney QLD 4287.

What to bring

Hiking gear: a hiking medium backpack, long trousers and shirt with long sleeve, light raincoat, very recommended hiking ankle supportive boots, first aid kit, insect repellent (it works for leeches; use the cream or roll-on that are more environmentally friendly, avoid the spray),; sunscreen, gloves, walking poles if you like to use them, and socks protectors or gaiters.

Consider packing some extra clothes and leave them in the car. Pack some clean footwear and socks.

For this hike, consider carrying a map or download a good app on your smartphone that can help you to navigate in the bush.

Bring a medium day backpack with lots of water, especially if it's a hot day, 3.0 litres of water and snacks. During summer, you can bring electrolytes to dissolve in water to compensate for the loss through perspiration. You may consider packing sandwiches, fresh fruit, dry fruit, energy bars and small meals.

Walk with family, friends or in a group. Never alone!

The days prior to the hike make sure to check:

Weather website:

Park website:

Road Conditions:

Mount Maroon track starts at the end of Cotswold Road, just off Boonah-Rathdowney Rd. Cotswold Road is a dirt track for all the length suitable for conventional vehicles.

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