Mount George Conservation Park

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Posted 2013-12-12 by Dave Walshfollow

is perhaps one of the less accessible parks in Adelaide's metropolitan area, but it rewards its visitors with some splendid scenery in the Adelaide Hills.

Situated near Bridgewater, the park borders the South Eastern Freeway and is accessible by car via the narrow unsealed Mount George Road. Dogs are permitted in the park on leash only in the area between Cox Creek and the road, where there is also a car park, shelter and picnic tables. There are no toilets or other facilities, but entry to the park is free.

A path follows the creek south from the car park through an open area to a tunnel under the freeway, and from there back to Bridgewater. The tunnel area is clearly popular with the local street artists , with most of the bare and gloomy concrete walls painted over.

In this part of the park there is always a background rumble of freeway traffic, but there is a small dam and plenty of trees and other vegetation to add interest to the walk. While cycling isn't permitted in , I did see one cyclist passing through.

Crossing a bridge over the creek takes you into a much more heavily vegetated area, with some blackberries present too. Trail markers for the Heysen Trail and the Pioneer Womens Trail are clearly visible, and more information about them is available online. A sign for the Cox Creek Rehabilitation Project details what is being done to protect the Creek environment for native animals and plants, and what you can do to help.

Another bridge leads to a Heysen Trail map and the area where dogs are prohibited. From here the trail narrows and becomes a little more hilly, passing through lush green undergrowth and tall eucalypts. A lot more bird life was around, and the countryside was very pretty, although I could still hear some freeway noise in this area.

I thought this area was one of the most attractive parks I have visited so far - green despite being late in spring. It made me wonder what I have missed in not exploring the Heysen Trail further. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared to travel far that day, with little water and less than ideal shoes. But it did give me a taste of the hidden beauty I might find further into the , and I'll leave it for you to decide whether my photos truly do it justice.

The National Parks web page for this park mentions a good variety of native flora and fauna can be found - even native orchids and wedge tailed eagles. I'll definitely come here again, but next time the dog will have to remain at home so that I can explore the best bit of the Adelaide Hills scenery.

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