Visit Mount Everest with Buddha Air

Visit Mount Everest with Buddha Air


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An unforgettable lifetime experience

After returning from the seven days of endless climbing up to the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp), my trip to Nepal was highlighted with the Buddha Air's Experience Flight to Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. It means The Holy Mountain to the Nepalese and The Roof of the World to the Tibetans.

Our day started at very early in the morning, the air was fresh and chill. We were arranged to get on board by our agency on a 12-seats Airbag Taxi. It was the smallest plane I have ever seen, only two rows; one row at the left hand side, one row at the other side. This seating arrangement guarantees all the passengers have window views to outside world.

Soon after we all seated, we were given the safety instruction as a routine job of the air host. Light snacks and soft drinks were served on board. I was bit nervous when the plane took off, as I could see all the sharp pointing mountains around us when were we in the air. The pilot must be very experienced to fly among all the mountains I guess. Not long after, the air host announced that we were approaching Himalaya Mountain Range.

What a world outside the window, the mountains were all abrupt and covered by snow; it felt like a world of solitude and isolation, and most of all, in absolute silence. As the spiritual master Osho said, silence is the word of God, only through silence, you meet God. That's maybe why I related the word "Holy" with what I saw. The mountains were all in deep meditation for hundreds and thousands of years.

The exciting moment came when the air host took us one by one to have a glimpse of the Mt. Everest through the pilot's window. She pointed out that the mountain with a light cloud over its top is the Mt. Everest. I could feel the chill coming from the window. As the Mt. Everest was in far distance, the light cloud over the top let it stand out among similar looking mountains. I have great admiration for those who have left their footprints on the summit of this mountain as I can imagine what hardship they went through to make it to the top. Before I returned to my seat, I blew a kiss to Mt. Everest together with all my best wishes for the future brave mountaineers and climbers.

After the flight, we were all given a certificate to help us remember the special moment of our life. Yes, once in your lifetime, you should pay a visit to the Holy mountain of the world, as the certificate stated "I did not climb Mt. Everest…but touched it with my heart!"

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