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Posted 2023-06-07 by PerthKelfollow
Moulin Rouge! is a 2001 movie directed by Baz Luhrmann, set in the year 1900 in Paris, France. The film follows the story of a young English poet named Christian (Ewan McGregor) who falls in love with a courtesan named Satine (Nicole Kidman), who works at the Moulin Rouge. The film is a musical, with popular songs from the past and present being performed throughout the movie.

The film opens with Christian (McGregor) typing on his typewriter and talking about his lost love.... Arriving in Paris Christian is introduced to the bohemian lifestyle by Toulouse-Lautrec (John Leguizamo). Christian is a young and idealistic writer who dreams of making it big in the world of literature. He is immediately drawn to Satine (Kidman), the star courtesan of the Moulin Rouge, and she mistakes him for a wealthy patron. Satine is initially put off by Christian's presence, but after he recites some of his poetry to her, she agrees to help him get his play produced.

Satine is also being pursued by the Duke of Monroth (Richard Roxburgh), a wealthy and powerful man who is financing the production of the play, and the continuation of the Moulin Rouge. The Duke believes that Satine is in love with him and plans to make her his wife. Satine is forced to play along with the Duke's advances in order to keep the play funded, but she is secretly falling in love with Christian.

As the play begins to take shape, Christian and Satine's feelings for each other deepen. They share several romantic moments together, including the iconic "Your Song" sequence in which Christian sings to Satine on the rooftop of the Moulin Rouge. However, their relationship is complicated by the Duke's jealousy and possessiveness. He threatens to withdraw his financial support if Satine does not end things with Christian and agree be with him instead.

Satine is torn between her love for Christian and her desire to maintain her status as a courtesan. She believes that she cannot be with Christian because of her past and her current profession. However, she also knows that she cannot be with the Duke, whom she despises. As the production of the play nears its opening night, the tension between the characters reaches a boiling point. The Duke discovers Christian and Satine's love affair and threatens to ruin the play and kill Christian if Satine does not come back to him.

On the opening night of the show, in front of a full audience, Christian denounces Satine and vows to give her to the Duke before walking off the stage, but Toulouse-Lautrec cries out from the rafters, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." This spurs Satine to sing their secret song, causing Christian to change his mind. After Zidler (Jim Broadbent) and the company thwart several attempts by the Duke and his bodyguard to kill Christian, the show ends with Christian and Satine proclaiming their love as the Duke permanently storms out of the cabaret. The audience erupts in applause, but Satine collapses after the curtains close. Before dying in his arms, she tells Christian to write their story so she will always be with him.

The film is a grand spectacle, with extravagant costumes and elaborate sets. The Moulin Rouge itself is a character in the film, with its bright lights and raucous atmosphere providing the backdrop for the story. The film also features an eclectic mix of music, from classic show tunes to contemporary pop songs. The soundtrack features covers of songs from artists like Elton John, Madonna, and David Bowie.

One of the film's most iconic scenes is the "Elephant Love Medley," in which Christian and Satine sing a mashup of popular love songs while being chased by the Duke's henchmen. The scene is an exuberant celebration of love, as the two characters realize their feelings for each other and express them through song.

The film is also notable for its use of colour and cinematography. The vibrant colours of the costumes and sets are juxtaposed with the darker, more somber tones of the story. The film also features frenetic camerawork and quick edits, which help to convey the frenzied energy of the Moulin Rouge.

While Moulin Rouge! is primarily a love story, it also touches on themes of class and the role of art in society. Satine's status as a courtesan and Christian's poverty highlight the class divisions of the time. The film also depicts the struggle of artists to create meaningful work in a society that often undervalues their contributions.

Overall, Moulin Rouge! is a dazzling, romantic, and tragic film that captures the spirit of the Moulin Rouge and the bohemian lifestyle of turn-of-the-century Paris. With its memorable characters, stunning visuals, and eclectic soundtrack, it remains a beloved and influential film over 20 years after its release.

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