The Baby Bunch - Mother's Support Group

The Baby Bunch - Mother's Support Group


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Funny enough, when someone mentions mothers' group, I start thinking of excuses and dread the thought of trying to put on smiles and graces for a group of mums I always find have already "clicked".

We've moved around a lot, so I've not really been in one place long enough to spend quality time with other mums who have children around the same age, so I was quite reserved when I found myself booking into the Women's Health & Wellbeing Services "Baby Bunch Group."

The Baby Bunch is a group of mums that get together once a week at the Gosnells Womens Health & Well Being Services Office on the Albany Highway. It's a very relaxed atmosphere where you can meet other mums in your area and chat about baby and parenting issues, have a cuppa and enjoy seeing your children interact with each other.  There are several guest speakers arranged throughout the weeks to encourage discussion and enhance your knowledge on a variety of topics as well as creating fun activities for everyone. 

CURRENT DATES: 14th February - 18th April
COST: Free
DAYS: Thursdays& #8232 ;
TIME: 2:00pm-4:00pm& #8232 ;
WHERE: WHWS Group Room& #8232 ;
Gosnells Lotteries House,
Level 1, 2232 Albany Highway, Gosnells
Our Experience

D Day…We were actually early for a change.. (no mean feat) and were warmly greeted by Hannah who showed us to the room and made the kids feel at ease with toys and colouring pencils… We were soon joined by Clare, the group's Promotions Officer who sat down and chatted with me until a few other mums arrived. I have to say I was instantly put at ease as the mood was warm, inviting and not at all forced like I had imagined.

Soon several other mums and bubs joined us… my two were the eldest in the group being 2.5yrs & 11 months. The youngest babies were about 4 months, not that it is limited to this age, just happened to be that way. I thought the start was going to be awkward, but after the initial introductions, we all started talking and two hours just flew by.

We laughed, shared stories, asked questions, compared ideas, kids and solutions and basically just enjoyed some quality time together…

The most amazing thing I found at this group was the amount of times I heard… "I thought I was the only one that felt like that". In all the time I've been in Perth, this was the first time I could really relax, let my guard down and feel like I finally had found a place where I didn't have to act a certain way, say what society wanted to hear and could actually relate to other women in the same situation. I'm pleased to say it was also nice to hear my own voice say "No you're not the only one, me too".

The other mums were just as apprehensive as me, so it was a relief to know we were all on the same wavelength and yes, it has changed my views on these groups. If you are thinking about attending one of these sessions, do yourself and your kids a favour, and go. It's refreshing to know, we are not alone, and sometimes there's things our partners just don't understand.

The only drawback for me with the group is the time slot, at 2 - 4pm it's smack in the middle of my kids' sleep time, so there's a bit of routine shuffle to get there on time. Other than that, it's a very positive winner.

There's ample parking and easy access with a lift for strollers or disabled. The office is on the first level and the group is held inside an airconditioned separate room with refreshments and toys. Last week there was a baby massage instructor, where for a small fee, you could learn the skill of relaxing your little one and promoting muscle stimulation.

The ladies in the office are all absolutely lovely and will make you feel at ease the instant you walk in. Also located in this office is the counselling and relationship supporters, which seriously are amazing. I've used this service before, and honestly, you don't have to do this alone, there is help out there, whether you're part of a FIFO relationship, are a single parent, or you just feel things are getting a bit on top of you, make the call, and watch your confidence, your kids and your heart soar.

Check out their website to see other services on offer, what's on and/or to make a booking. Or contact via email [email protected], Tel: (08) 9490 2258 or Fax: (08) 9490 1365.

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