Top Mother's Day Activities in Brisbane

Top Mother's Day Activities in Brisbane


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The advertising on TV, radio and newsprint would have us believe that all mums want for Mother's Day is the latest tech gadget, kitchen gadget or diamond. Speaking as a mum, we really just want a nice day with our family. To be honest if I wanted the latest gadget I would probably buy it myself.

I just want to have a lovely day with my family enjoying an activity that I would like to do. I remember my mother (who has since passed away) saying every year that she would have just appreciated having a quiet day with no fighting or bickering doing something she enjoyed with us. Thinking back, I wish we had followed her Mother's Day wishes more often. So often a parents weekend is taken up with swimming lessons, tennis lessons, dancing lessons and catching up on housework that simple pleasures of going for a walk around the markets or going to a flower show are a distant dream. Now that I am a mum I can see exactly where my mum was coming from.

So if you want to go out and spend a fortune on a gift and a fancy breakfast or lunch to show your mum you love her that is your decision. But, she would be just as happy with you spending your time enjoying an activity she enjoys and making a few memories. If it is not an activity that you are particularly fond of - remember the swimming, tennis and dance lessons, etc. were not particularly interesting for her but none the less she took you to them and missed out on her own activities for you!

Gardening Mum
Queensland Rose Society Show
Market Mum
Boundary Street Farmers Markets
Fortitude Valley Markets
Arty Crafty Mum
Soroptimist International Gala Art Exhibition
Electrofringe @ IRL Digital Festival
Knitters and Natters
Sporty Mum
Fun Run for Breast Cancer
Mission Queensland Firebirds Vs Melbourne Vixens
Dragon boating
Cultural Mum
Spanish Film Festival
Medici Series Concert
Interactive African Drumming
Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood
Environmental Mum
World Migratory Bird Day
Bands in Parks
Roma Street Parkland Guided Walks
All-round Fun Mum
Circus skills for all ages

Check out the Brisbane City Council - What's On Website and you may find more activities to do on Mother's Day.

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