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Mosaic Restaurant


Posted 2015-05-23 by Tabitha Pagefollow
So, generally everybody has a couple of 'usual' hangouts when it comes to cafes and restaurants. Places they tend to gravitate towards according to past experiences.

I am one of these people and tend to stick to my favourites.
A few weeks ago however, a friend and I decided to stray from our usual spot and we ended up dining at Mosaic Restaurant in Altona, just a short stroll from Altona beach along Pier Street.

What initially drew us in was the large sign outside telling us that they had $15 meals on the lunch menu. Who doesn't love a good meal deal right?

So we walked in and within 2 minutes we were seen to by a nice fellow who seated us where we requested (I like to be by the wall or in the corner where it's less noisy).

Soon after we had water and a menu and I was surprised to see that the selection on the '$15' menu was quite long. I had expected maybe two or three options, but instead found a fair few choices.

So we ordered our food and I also opted to try the Entree of natural oysters. We were just taking in the decor (which by the way is superb and I did like it) when my oysters arrived. Served, as you can see with lemon and looking yummy. They were fresh and tasted great.

The time it took to get our main meals was very good compared to some other places I have dined at and the presentation is great.
The size of the meals was also just right. My friend and I split our meals in half and shared so that we could each try both dish.
The meals were #1 Fresh battered fish and chips #2 Chicken Parma and chips.

Both were great and I would highly recommend them.

The staff are friendly and the food was spot on. The service was fast and efficient. The facilities are a little small and I do prefer it to be slightly roomier as it makes it easier for those with disabilities to manoeuvre. But there is seating just inside the door for those who need it.

The website tells me that Mosaic "features Mediterranean cuisine with a modern Australian influence". I stuck to my usual favorite of chicken parma this time but that was perfect for me. You never know. Next time I may be a little more adventurous and go Mediterranean.

Overall an excellent place which we will definitely be visiting again.

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