MOS Burgers, Gold Coast

MOS Burgers, Gold Coast


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Yet to hit Sydney shores is a unique Tokyo-based burger chain known as MOS burgers. You don't quite have to venture to Japan though to taste these umami treats. A short flight away, on the Gold Coast, lies the opportunity for you to introduce your tastebuds to the delicious world of MOS. Plus, a little getaway to this surfer's paradise wouldn't be all that much of a drag.

The chain is currently limited to the Asia-Pacific region, so it is rather niche compared to other well-known burger chains like McDonalds. Also unlike these, MOS has chosen to stand out with green as opposed to the red that is abundant across the world. Quite fitting as founder Satoshi Sakurada established the franchise upon his love for both humans and the environment. You can see this in his beautiful values entwined in the name.

The burgers are catered to the Japanese rather than Western palate. With ingredients like miso paste and soy sauce in the Teriyaki Burger, you sure do taste this oriental culture. Although Japanese flavour galore, the stores ensure they use local ingredients so expect lots of fresh Aussie produce in your Gold Coast lunch.

We just loved the use of fresh lettuce leaves as an alternative to your usual bread bun. Not only was it nice to eat our greens, but to see a creative, modern twist to tradition. It created a crunchy contrast to the fusion of flavours in our Teriyaki Chicken filling. The mayonnaise to top it off was delicious together with the sweet, savoury combo that was already going on.

My friend ordered wedges as a side, while I got chips. Japanese-inspired sides are also available, as are a range of additional sauces such as ketchup. Your meal is delivered to you if you choose to eat in. Another cool convenience is the tap complete with soap near the counter - as delicious as the burgers were, they were pretty messy!

An enticing list of refreshing iced teas is another MOS claim to fame. I went the original which had a strong tea flavour and a hint of sweetness, great for those who don't like sugar overload - won't lie, the sweet tooth in me is a fan of this too. If you're wondering what other food they have, think Japanese favourites like Beef Yakiniki, and Ebi (Japanese for prawn) in a crafty burger. Not to fear, you also have the option to bun your burger with bread.

Very much looking forward to the day MOS opens their doors on the streets of Sydney. The craving to try more of their unique burgers is strong. If you have any plans for the Gold Coast lined up, be sure to add this funky diner to your bucket list. Or for that matter, if you happen to be in Brisbane, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, or Indonesia, you're in luck. Enjoy!

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