Manorina Hiking at Mt Nebo

Manorina Hiking at Mt Nebo


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Mt Nebo is a great little escape just on the doorstop of Brisbane. One of the lesser visited hiking areas up there is a combination of two trails, the Atrax Circuit and the Morelia Track . This 6 km return walk dives in through rainforest and eucalypts to end at the Mt Nebo Lookout with great views over the Samford Valley. An easy and flat little walk well worth doing.

The walk starts at the Manorina Parking area. There is only limited parking here with some additional parking spots on the side of the road. Normally though you will see a few cars parked here as the walk is fairly quick.

I would recommend starting this walk by going along the Atrax Circuit which will then join on to the Morelia Track. You will find the start of the track to the left of the car park when facing away from the road.

The Atrax Circuit, also referred to as the Atrax Self-Guided Walk, is a short little walk that has been constructed to make the most interesting walk possible, with the path going over little bridges, cutting through fallen logs and even passing through the hollow of a tree trunk. Only 800 metres long it is a great walk for younger kids and an interesting start for the longer walk to Mt Nebo Lookout.

While it is described as a self-guided nature walk, you would normally expect that there would be a lot of information signs along this track, but unfortunately, there isn't. However, it is interesting enough. The track joins on to the Morelia track and if you are just doing the Atrax Circuit you can come back via this track.

For those looking to do the complete walk, you just keep heading down the Morelia Track. This path gives you the feeling of diving into and being enveloped by the forest. For such a short and flat walk you will experience gum trees, rich rainforest and scrubby areas, making this an ever-evolving adventure suitable for any age and fitness.

The end of the Morelia Track is the Mt Nebo Lookout with great views down over Samford Valley and out over Moreton Bay. If you came here early in the morning you should be able to see the sunrise. At other times, it is a nice spot to bring a thermos of tea or lunch to enjoy while admiring the vista.

Then, of course, it is just a quick 3 kms back to the car park. The adventurous might consider following the Mt Nebo Break fire trail back instead. This will dump you about 400 metres up the road from the car park and you will have to walk back along the road. Given the narrowness of the road in this area, it wouldn't be my main choice.

Afterwards, if you are looking for a nearby cafe, one of my favourites is the Cafe in the Mountains, which is a nice relaxed place for tea, coffee, cake and country service. The cafe is particularly popular, especially around lunchtime, but if there isn't parking in front of the cafe, you can park along the road.

Overall, this is a great little walk only a short drive from the city. The path is flat and easy to follow with a great lookout at the end. It is a great little walk in Mt Nebo and a must do on a trip there.

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