Moree Tourism Spring 2023

Moree Tourism Spring 2023


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Visiting Moree in 2023? Then the following may be of use. Keep in mind it is the school holidays next week, so despite the benefits or reasons to travel and stay there, my main tip is to consult with hosts before booking, even if just a message, email or phone call, it will be school holidays and as someone who was in Moree recently and saw the place was busy, is the advice I have resolved to communicate. However, if in Moree during that time, I can never forget the calming and mellow plains scenery, the artesian water, the Lillymans drinks factory, as well as the tranquil Warialda Street near the aquatic centre.

On Warialda Street, were my hosts at the Baths Motel. The Moree motels are dealing with remoteness essentially, so I found out to be a hint understanding about everything, as great as the Baths Motel was, I found every motel in town was up against the remoteness factor, and I had to learn a bit on my stay. I am communicating the gains I made in terms of my understanding of these establishments so other customers can gain even more appreciation of their stay. I can't recommend the Baths Motel nor the ten to twenty other accommodations in the township highly enough for all their hospitality. I stayed at the Baths Motel twice and would jump at the chance to rebook especially to base myself for a Lightning Ridge Opal Mine full day tour. Although the entire range of experiences in accommodations in town are all an indication of decent country town folk delivering a unique product under different yet fairly difficult circumstances.

The aquatic centre on Anne Street with its hot and cooler pools is something I thought would be ideal for those who are interested in its healing properties. Whilst a drawcard is the artesian bathing, the tours to North Moree, which were part of the O'Dempsey's Charters and Local Tours pecan farm tour, are also achievable with Moree Radio Cabs, e-scooter, bike, or just walking will allow the visitor to see what was fairly interesting architecture. Even the Mehi River which flowed between North and South Moree was quite amazing in that it has what I would call the appearance of 'a glorified creek' but apparently it can flood quite severely - to a point where sandbags are needed in huge quantities to protect North Moree in particular. There was that combination of relative size, interest, remoteness and a difference hence revealing to me the tourism industry there had a strong founding and was something well worth experiencing.

Potential problem is, it actually had something to it, so it's busy, and to me, it reflects that post-Covid I wanted interstate travel so I got to try 'a bit of everything' in North and Central NSW. The main thing is not to be shy if genuinely needing help, when with proper concerns, including but not limited to, is it too busy there? Is it safe to bring a family? Are the roads busier even in this remote part of NSW at this time? What I can recommend is it is a country town and despite a few businesses being a bit busy, I chose to see Moree folk as reasonably friendly people who care about their guests. Any problems were traced in fact to remoteness. I was stunned, when I started to see my big city attitude in that situation, as though I had to queue when I just had to take a look around me, the street outside from where I was fussing over how to approach customer service had virtually no cars. I did eventually learn just to ask a bit politely but without hesitating either, they did have 'a surplus of some sort' or in many ways - despite the remoteness.

On that note, here's some stuff from official tourism pages to do if in Moree:

Lillymans soft drink factory - Anne Street Moree, entrance around the corner at Warialda Street, (clearly signed).

Artesian Bathing - aquatic centre or some accommodations have artesian water pools. According to official pages of the aquatic centre, all of the aquatic centre's pools are closed from October 3 till November 6 but do check with centre or accommodation provider prior to your tour.

Tours - to farms, Lightning Ridge (seasonal), town history and satellite towns.

Surrounding Towns - Moree has spacious, historical, agricultural satellite towns and some have artesian water bathing.

If travelling in 2023 from September onwards remember to at least touch base with someone in town prior to travelling, that it's remote and that changes the 'dynamics' of how tourism services get delivered in Moree, but overall while the safety and security is something of utmost seriousness that the tourism concept there is reflective of why it's established. Overall couldn't speak highly enough about it. This was just a concise summary with some tips to enhance a holiday there this year, and to offer some experiential advice for those interested in travelling there. Note photo of Moree Racecourse to signify springtime is credited from Wikimedia commons and pecan tree photo by author from a pecan farm tour. Note all my articles eventually reflect the admirable work of people in Moree tourism and general NSW area services and were written to reflect my strong interest in and satisfaction with their tourism. I hope that shows in the meaning of the writing in my few Moree tourism-related articles - mainly discoverable on the WeekendNotes Armidale Channel .

There is only so much one writer can write about in this expansive scenario, so independent research from holidaymakers becomes something worth motivating. Regarding Moree Racecourse, even just hearing about it showed independent research yields satisfaction and enhanced my holiday - there's clearly a variety of things to do and try there and I am wise to encourage original research and not quote searches or excessive ideas. Regarding safety, it's a surprisingly good lesson in research and planning for holidaymakers, I've stayed a total of six overnights there and it got me an appreciation of the concerns but more importantly a really interesting and informative holiday. For those who find country racecourses the place to be, the racecourse's location is on Boggabilla Road, Moree, and appears significant - especially given Moree is relatively large where it is located, some information regarding its significance is already linked in this review.

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