Moree Plains Pecan Farm Tour

Moree Plains Pecan Farm Tour


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Run by O'Dempsey's Charters and Local Tours, I got to try their pecan farm tour recently. I've added pictures of the tour from where the bus stops at the farm and some details on how the tour runs. Overall I found the entire product such a great deal. First, the other passengers and I got picked up from our accommodations for a tour of Moree Town - there were interesting stories behind buildings that had interesting things happen during their history. Then onto the Gwydir Highway out of town, across the plains, to the Stahmann's Pecan Farm. The bus driver drove the farm roads making it look easy and could thus tell a story about the farm history and production.

Below is a picture of the tour bus - where its windows were useful for photographs but I waited till we stopped at a sort of dwelling to take photos where we all had tea or coffee and a delicious date and pecan slice. As stated on their website the business is run by a couple and Melissa who was driving that particular morning was able to text most customers the recipe as it was indeed popular.

They just take payments on tour, so no booking forms, which worked well, it was a forty Australian dollars tour fee (with children's tour fees available for thirty dollars) which was fine for just the town tour and drive but the tour operator's knowledge was adding to the trip. Ultimately the tour operators run the business fairly simply, at least based on what I saw but the recollection of the facts of the tour was impressive hence complexity at the best possible facet of the touring experience.

I enjoyed how the pecan trees were aesthetic yet could learn plenty about them at a slow pace through seemingly endless rows of trees. It's a three-hour duration trip and the tour operators give you all the necessary information either via website or phone to try their tours. One good aspect is if one tour gets cancelled then a similar tour could still operate the following day so it means travelling to Moree for the tours appears well worth it.

The trees become green in a few months so I decided to recommend taking the tour more than once, for when they are green or flowering or without leaves. O'Dempsey's Charters and Local Tours also run a seasonal cotton gin tour and a full-day seasonal tour in cooler months to Lightning Ridge. The pecan farm tour was a good quality tour and overall it taught me farm tours of all kinds are underrated, as indeed this one was.

For tour information, the mobile number 0427 542 167 is the official number for O'Dempsey's Charters and Local Tours - promoted in some of the links below.


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