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Posted 2019-07-11 by Bowen Bowie-Woodhamfollow

Don't have time to learn something, even though you're interested? Not looking for a big commitment, or the big expense? Be frustrated by the elusive and exclusive nature of education no longer! Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) are available for everyone. Short courses, many of them for free, more topics offered than you could count!

There is a MOOC for every imaginable interest. Courses range from a few hours to a few weeks. Many MOOCs are free, and offered by internationally respected universities and education providers. Don't be shy to look for the course that best suits what you're looking for. There are so many MOOCs available that you have no need to 'settle' for something that isn't quite what you want. As the name suggests, Massive Open Online Courses are courses entirely available online, so you can study when it suits you, and where it suits you! Study in your pyjamas in bed at midnight, no-one's watching!

MOOCs are available in many countries, and are available internationally. If you prefer to use Australian universities and education providers you might like to start with MOOCs Australia . You can hone in on just the Australian University MOOC providers . Alternatively you can choose a specific provider such as University of Queensland MOOC s, or Curtin University MOOCs. Or any number of others, far too many for me to list here!

Whether you're interested Astronomy or Accounting, Landcare or Languages, Zoology or Musicology, Photography or Psychology, or anything else, you will find a MOOC that is right for you!

As I said, many MOOCs are completely free. Some come with a Certificate of Completion for free, some institutions for some courses charge a small fee for the Certificate. So, check before you start so you know exactly what you're getting! Massive Open Online Courses are open to everyone. No educational level prerequisite. Some of the more advanced courses might assume a certain level of prior knowledge of the topic. Read the information about the course you are interested in before you start, again, so you know what you're getting!

So quit believing the nay-sayers and start exploring the vast array of MOOCs available. Make use of those empty hours, turn insomnia into study time. Fill your mind with knowledge. Be yourself, but better educated!

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