Montparnasse Cafe Restaurant

Montparnasse Cafe Restaurant


Posted 2013-01-15 by Maz Serena Rockersfollow

Montparnasse Café Restaurant is a fantastic gem at the Spot. Every time I dine there, the service is fantastic and the waiter quite shockingly has an authentic French accent! As someone who learned French for many years, I quite appreciate that fact.

The cuisine is delicious, the prices quite reasonable for the high level of quality and the atmosphere delightful. To top it off, Montparnasse is located just opposite the Ritz Cinema , so you can do dinner and then a cheap movie. The ambience of the restaurant is suitable for a date or for a friendly catch-up.

The only negative that I can really remember is that I was too full to be able to entirely finish my beautiful Paris mash. I guess those who are extremely lazy might find the fact that you need to drag yourself up the stairs to visit a lavatory annoying too.

In terms of food, I have to really recommend the French onion soup as it is absolutely delightful. If you're too lazy to make this dish at home , not a worry – the soup here tastes home-made and authentically French. It is served in a very large bowl, so keep the large portion size in mind. I think that for a light eater, the soup alone should definitely be enough.

The main menu is extensive in terms of meat dishes and even includes duck. There are also a lot of seafood dishes. In terms of mains, the menu is a little bit weak in terms of vegetarian specialised dishes; however, this is a French restaurant. The staff seemed very accommodating in any case, so you can bring a vegetarian partner or friend along – just don't advertise this restaurant as a specifically vegetarian one. There are plenty of options in the sides and entrée menu which would definitely suit a vegetarian.

The dessert menu looks absolutely delicious, but as with many places I unfortunately got way too full and could not force any of their delicious-looking desserts. If anyone happens to have already tried some of their dessert, please post a comment on this article. I am especially interested in the profiteroles and the Mousse au Chocolat.

What's more is that if you "like" the restaurant's Facebook page , you'll find that there are restaurant events advertised there. Events such as tributes to Edith Piaf, wine and cheese feasts and other weekly fun regularly occur at Montparnasse. Overall, I would definitely recommend this lovely restaurant to a friend. The presentation of the food is beautiful and the taste even better. Most importantly, it has a genuinely French feel to it.

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