Mont De Lancey Museum, Wandin North

Mont De Lancey Museum, Wandin North


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The feature of Mont De Lancey is the original brick homestead, built in 1886/87. It was home to four generations of the Sebire family before being gifted to be held in trust by the people of Victoria. The homestead is open for inspection and all the rooms are furnished as they would have looked over 100 years ago.

Leading from the reception area is the Mont De Lancey Museum which is a treasure trove of life from the past in both photographs and artefacts with free-standing cabinets in the centre space.

It is located in a much modified and expanded old building. The spacious building has glass-fronted displays on specific aspects of Wandin's life of bygone years along each wall.

One display has a military theme, featuring Ralph Proctor a local RAAF bomber pilot of World War Two.

Extensive photo displays are on the themes of post offices, settlers from the 1920s, schools, Wandin, sports and weddings, all with detailed captions. They make fascinating reading.

An open wardrobe of period costumes is for any youngsters who want to dress up in clothes from the past to help them relive those times as they wander around Mont De Lancey.

A display cabinet of fine Meakin china dinner set was a wedding gift from 1910.

The Heritage Room has seating for meetings and many displays around the room.

A fine display of model horse-drawn vehicles by Chas Davis is a work of art.

A display of kitchen utensils shows how easy cooks today have it.

Around the four sides of the museum is a mezzanine floor which gives great views of the ground-floor exhibits.

One wall is devoted to hand tools, spades, rakes, saws and many more. I was particularly interested in the display of horse harnesses, in the form of collars, haines and bits, having used them to harness my father’s draught horse on the family farm in the 1950s.

Several orchards were in the area and a display of fruit picking included a life-sized fruit picker equipped to pick.

A very early radio and record players were nicely displayed.

A bedroom suite came from England in 1851.

There are many other displays on the mezzanine floor, including one featuring children’s items.

The Mont De Lancey Art Collection is displayed on the mezzanine walls. The collection recognises artists who live within the Upper Yarra Valley and Ranges.

All museums are fascinating, and the Mont De Lancey Museum can give you with a look into the past to see how your ancestors may have lived.

The museum is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.

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