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Posted 2014-10-08 by Shannon Meyerkortfollow
This isn't your typical Perth café.

It's simple yet satisfying, quirky yet unpretentious. It's kind of like going to a friend's house for lunch and being dished up something out of the fridge – the food is unadorned, yet well cooked. There are no microherb salads or fancy embellishments, and the price reflects this. If you ask for a toasted sandwich, that is exactly what you will get.

How refreshing.

Walking in and being confronted with moustaches everywhere was a little unexpected to begin with, but the place was almost full and everyone seemed very happy. Our group of two adults and two children ended up at a tiny table near the kitchen, a space meant for two people, not four, but at least we still got a table, unlike the poor souls who arrived after us.

The menu is a little chaotic – in that you can basically get anything you want, from an all-day breakfast, to burgers, rolls, cakes, quiche and in the hot food case, there was a creamy Italian pasta dish sitting next to a curry and rice. A bit like leftover night at mums. Which we all love.

For the kids I ordered a milk shake each, and since I was offered the choice of normal and kids-sized, I chose kids sized. This was a mistake, as it was teeny tiny, and really only suitable for the under-4s. Still, the girls appreciated the brightly coloured Parfait glasses (plastic) the milkshakes came in. Order the full size shakes, they're only $5.

Mum ordered a toasted ham, cheese and pineapple sandwich ($6.50). It looked exactly like I had made it at home, from the plain white bread, to the simple, unadorned plate (you do get a choice of three types of bread). She said it was exactly what she wanted, as she doesn't like being filled up on enormous restaurant lunches, and it was refreshing to just have something plan and simple.

My eldest daughter chose from the kids menu, which covered all the basics from vegemite on toast to chicken strips and chips. Her baked beans and toast set me back a whopping $3.50 (I'm being sarcastic) and the only complaint she had was that the beans were very hot.

My younger daughter had requested the quiche Lorraine she spied in the fridge, but unfortunately someone ordered it before we got to the front of the queue, and there were no more available. She settled for a sausage roll and half a bottle of tomato sauce. Again, it was just a sausage roll. It looked like it was a generic food service product, but my kids don't tend to go for anything fancy anyway. She was perfectly satisfied.

I felt like I was the only one ordering anything interesting, and that was only as exciting as a roast pork and gravy roll. Again, it was super simple and it tasted just like Mum had made it. The roll had been toasted gently and it was absolutely perfect.

Perhaps there are other items on the (very extensive) menu which are bit fancier, but I actually don't think that is what makes Moments so popular. I think the unpretentious and simple food is their big drawcard. Basic does not mean bad. People don't always need to be eating food covered with foam and powders and mustard greens and organic violet petals.

There is enough quirk on the walls to make up for the humble food. The staff are also friendly and chatty, although they did seem a tad stressed when it was busy and people were spilling onto the street. A glance at the website shows that the people at Moment's have a real sense of humour about themselves, something else that is unusual (and very welcome) these days.

There are a range of burgers available from a vegetarian burger to a deluxe beef burger ($7.50-$9.90). You will also find an American superdog ($8.30) and a range of 'special rolls' ($8.50). For breakfast lovers, the menu goes all day and includes favourites such as breakfast bagels and baguettes (from $6.50-$9.50), a big breakfast ($18.50) and eggs Benedict ($13.50).

Did you notice the prices? This is certainly one of the cheaper places I have been to recently, and meals and drinks for four people, cost about the same as a single main meal (lunch!) at some other Perth restaurants.

is a modest café that aims to please. And it does that very well.

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