Molly's Cupcakes

Molly's Cupcakes


Posted 2013-01-31 by Kathleenfollow

are a contender for best cupcakes in New York in my humble opinion. Well known in Chicago, and with a loyal following in New York their culinary wonders won them the coveted season crown on Cupcake Wars . Yes, there's a reality show about cupcakes, marvelous I know.

On the day that we visited Molly's I probably wasn't in the best mood to be enjoying enormous sweet goodies and so I decided to just have a small indulgence. I chose my flavour from their smaller cupcakes (of which there are several to mull over) and then I chose my type of frosting. I went with a small carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. I watched with enthusiasm as the girl piped the cream cheese frosting onto my delicacy before my eyes.

It was delicious and very light. I usually prefer my carrot cake a little denser but this one was exactly what I wanted when I wasn't feeling like something too big.

My partner got a large 'Cookies and Cream' cupcake. This was chocolate cake filled with Oreo Mousse, topped with buttercream and a tiny oreo.' I wouldn't call the Oreo tiny though as it was a regular sized one. I was only slightly jealous as I watched him devour.

Molly's atmosphere is relaxed, and when we first arrived there wasn't anyone else there but it wasn't long before people started popping through the door in small groups to indulge. Along the counter there are some swing seats that are probably coveted by some devotees, and along one wall there are board games. Molly's feels like you'd be able to stay for as long as you wanted. A pleasant change from the places that want to shove you out the door as soon as you're done eating.

There are hot drinks available including a range of teas and coffees but I didn't sample any so can't really comment. A table of friends near us all ordered coffees and I saw at least one man get multiple cupcakes. They were chatting and laughing and seemed like they were settling in for a long stay.

People rave about the cupcakes at Magnolia, but I found Molly's to be a much more charming set up. The space is bright and colourful, and the creations on display get the eyes widening in delight. It would be difficult to make a selection for most people as there are a wide range of flavours. The two different sizes are a good idea, and you can always take some away with you as well if you want to sample more flavours but don't have the sweet tooth to allow multiple cupcakes in one sitting.

I want to try a Ron Bennington as I've become rather enamoured of the wonderful mix of peanut butter and chocolate, and because it looks delicious. At $3.75 each, these, like the other centre-filled goodies aren't cheap, but they certainly look like they're worth the price.

There's also a little garnish station if you want to add anything extra to your little creation like sprinkles. This is also where you put your dirty plates and cutlery when you're done eating. Don't put your cutlery in the bin which is something that I saw many people go to do without reading the signs.

Overall my visit to Molly's was a nice little treat and something that I would certainly look forward to doing again when I had a bigger appetite, or maybe just a lower guilt feeling for such decadence.

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