Moffat Beach Motel

Moffat Beach Motel


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As seen from Roderick Street

A fun way to stay beachside, the centrally-located Moffat Beach Motel offers vacationers a prime location, clean furnishings and spacious rooms catering for families and pet lovers.

I think the main idea behind the motel assisting pet owners of certain categories as stipulated on the accommodation's website is that Moffat Beach is definitely a pet-friendly suburb , and even just walking the area I walked past a busy veterinary surgery on Roderick Street a few paces down from the motel and on the way to the well-known Seaview Terrace. On a typical mid-week, mid-morning at the beach itself on the Seaview Terrace are busy cafes and art shops and a vista of calm water near Tooway Creek where beside are surf breaks just popping up out of the calm water. It's not unusual yet memorable as many beach vistas are lengthier and a hint repetitive compared to the vista at Moffat Beach.

Yet in terms of the motel and the stay I have left below a collage of the room on arrival - the interior of the rooms looks maintained with care and thought. Details are well considered and affected me positively. I appreciated nearby shopping and dining and didn't have to order meals, yet could eat gourmet food by mainly Sunshine Coast producers and just enjoy the ambience as well as the convenience of Moffat Beach itself. The ocean is about a 300-metre walk away on Seaview Terrace if wanting surf as well as cafes or straight down the road in the direction of the seaside if just wanting calm waters near the creek. In terms of bathroom fittings, ensuites are definitely as shown on the motel's website gallery to be indicative of what I saw during my stay with fresh tiles and shower fittings.

Aspects of room, photographed on arrival

The motel's pool is spacious and not too deep. It's designed like heaps of Aussie motel pools in that it has an open, relaxed and spacious feel to it, and has a barbeque facility, lounge chairs and a distinct motel sign. Overall, I appreciated the swimming and the shade cloth is necessary for the strong sun in this part of Australia.

Aspects of the swimming pool at the motel

The motel is located on 56 Roderick Street, Moffat Beach QLD 4551 near Seaview Terrace.

It is virtually opposite the bakery and grocer. They are on 5 -9 Buccleugh St, Moffat Beach QLD 4551. Also on Buccleugh Street next door is a post office.

Overall such a beaut motel and was relaxed by it yet to the point of praising its location and the features or aspects of my stay there.

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