Miss Katie's Crab Shack

Miss Katie's Crab Shack


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is a whole lot of fun.

If anything I would describe the decor as back-packer-chic. Tables are covered in newspapers-- I got my favourite section, the Age travel section. But on top of this utilitarian covering were pretty vases of yellow and red roses.

The room was filled with people in bibs. Which kind of adds to the hilarity seeing grown adults dressed up like bubs.

They were eating the house specialty which is Katie's broiled crab--a huge crab which comes with its own paper bag in which the diner finds a small mallet for breaking open their crustacean and a plastic bib.

My dining companions refused to let me take photos of them in their bibs for WeekendNotes. Truth is they looked hilarious.

The food all comes in takeaway containers, no plates and throwaway knives and forks so a lot of time is spent eating with one's fingers. Oh and gosh that fried chicken really was finger lickin' good.

Kiss Katie's Crab Shack is right opposite the Queen Victoria Market hence the great ingredients such as crabs and buckets of fresh prawns.

What I loved about the night is that I got to try a whole lot of dishes from the deep south that I had only ever read about in literature such as fried green tomatoes and corn bread.

Price wise, we had piles of food as there were so many things we wanted to try including the crab but it only came to about $25 a head.

Okay so this not the healthiest place to eat. There are are lots of fries, ranch dressings, fried chicken and that crab comes floating in it's own garlic butter with buoys of kransky sausage bobbing up besides it.

All delicious but wicked.

But when it comes to sheer fun and new dishes to try this place is tops.

Katie's is always crowded and they don't take bookings. But generally if you get there at around 7pm you get a seat. Also there is a fairly quick turn around. so you normally don't have to wait for more than five minutes or so. There is an outside eating, area on the pavement, a bar and then a small back room where we were.

On Wednesdays this turns into a comedy venue at 8.30. They have some good comedians-- Lawrence Mooney was there on our night and the cover charge is always only $5.

We chose to wander over to the Queen Victoria Night Market which is now running through to the end of March. The food looked amazing but it was so crowded that people couldn't find anywhere to sit with their heaped plates of food.

We were glad we had fuelled up at Katie's.

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