Minus 5 Ice Bar

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Posted 2011-09-27 by Natasha Stewartfollow
If you're looking for the coolest place in Queenstown, then you can't go past the Minus 5º Ice Bar . The entire bar is literally made of ice. Rug up in your warm winter coat, and grab your gloves, because the Ice Bar stays freezing in winter and summer.

the Minus 5º Ice Bar isn't like your regular bar. There isn't a bouncer waiting at the door to let you in, and you can't just come and go as you please. You book a session, and wait your turn, before being led down into their frozen bar. You might not have the freedom of time when it comes to the Ice Bar, but at least you'll have plenty of fun. If you did want to spend a bit longer, you can always hire out the Ice Bar for your next event or function.

Everything in this bar is made of ice, and we mean everything. The chairs you sit on, the tables you rest on, even the bar itself. You'll drink out of ice glasses, and when you're done, just smash them on the floor. You'll find warm skins draped over the chairs to give it a cosier feel, but this is still one pretty cold place.

If you're worried that you don't have the right attire to stand such temperatures, you're not to worry. Before heading down to the bar you'll be geared up in a big warm coat complete with a fur hood, and you'll get some boots, and gloves so you can hold those ice glasses.

Like any cold place the drink of choice is vodka. There are mocktails available, but otherwise there is a selection of vodka based cocktails to choose from. Depending on what package you buy the price of cocktails can be included in your entry, but if you're down there and decide you want more you can always pay a bit extra. The best bit is that the cocktails taste good, they don't rely alone on the 'gimmick' of the ice bar, they serve up some delicious drinks as well.

Prices vary depending on the package you choose, and bookings can be made online , over the phone, or at the bar itself. Head to the website for more details, and check out the pricing options below:

Adults Entry $32
Includes one vodka cocktail or two non-alcoholic cocktails
Adult Entry $36
Includes one vodka cocktail and one vodka shot
Adult Entry $41
Includes two vodka cocktails
Adult Entry $65
Includes one vodka cocktail and a t-shirt
Adult Entry $99
Includes one vodka cocktail and a hoodie
Yound Adult (14yrs to 17yrs) $20
Includes a juice mocktail
Children (13 and under) $15
Includes a juice mocktail
Family Pass $85 (two adults and two children)
Includes two vodka cocktails and two juice mocktails
Photo Pack $25 more cocktails can be bought at the bar

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