Mini Meditation Retreat - Review

Mini Meditation Retreat - Review


Posted 2019-06-28 by Tina Nunningtonfollow
I have recently attended a four hour meditation retreat at Trans Genesis School of Yoga and Meditation and feel inspired to pass on my experience so others can (hopefully) benefit from the wonders and knowledge that Tanya Servaas brings to the workshop.

Tanya has over 25 years of meditation experience, which she is eager to share with all of her students. You will learn so many techniques that you can use every day to improve and enhance your daily life. It really is remarkable the impact these four hours have had on me and I will try to sum up this amazing experience.

I was a meditation virgin and had no idea how or what it could do for me but I am open to all manner of things and was keen to give it a go. I should add that all people are welcome, with or without any meditation experience or knowledge.

I arrived at the first-floor studio and was welcomed with calming music and essential oils burning. We left our shoes outside the main meditation room and chose a seat in the inviting circle of chairs.

The room was peaceful and felt spiritual with the decor that has been used. It was pleasing on the eye and felt comfortable.

Our group of eight was a mix of male and female participants of all ages and after a quick introduction to each other and with Tanya, we were straight into the first technique.

The music was so calming and suited meditation precisely and to find out that Tanya's partner was the musician, added to the already personal touch Tanya has created on these mini meditation retreats.

We practised many techniques and discussed each one as a group after completing the exercise; everyone sharing their experience (if they wanted to).

You are welcome to sit, stand, lay, walk; whatever you feel comfortable with, to ensure you get the most from the energy and exposure.

I got a bit chilly throughout the afternoon and grabbed a blanket along with a few other people to feel more cosy. There are also bolster cushions and yoga mats available for use if you would like, to make you feel as restful as possible.

You have a break halfway through and can help yourself to some healthy whole snacks and tea of every description. You have time to speak with others in the group to find out their stories or you can peruse the lotions and sprays, CDs and collectables that are on sale.

I came away with a new respect for meditation. It isn't just for the New Age folk or Mother Earth's of our society, it is for absolutely everyone; men, women, children, young and old. I now have three techniques I will use on a regular basis and having been taught how to do it correctly, having experienced it first hand, I know they will work for me.

This workshop will enable you to experience a little stillness, peace and kindness and you will take away tools to help you relax, build self-confidence, still your mind from mental chatter and your inner critic, learn how to be more heart-connected and accepting and loving of yourself and how to set appropriate boundaries to do that, plus how to manage toxic people and situations. Who doesn't need to do this in their life?

Why don't you experience the vitality, peace and joy of meditation and enjoy the benefits of being aware, focused and the insight it brings?

Book your place on a four-hour mini meditation retreat by clicking here or ringing Tanya on 0413 265 831.

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