Mindfulness Made Simple - 3 Hour Workshop: Power of Mindful Living

Mindfulness Made Simple - 3 Hour Workshop: Power of Mindful Living


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Sat 24 Aug 2019

Simple – Effortless – Easy to practice – No need to allocate specific time to practice.We humans are constantly thinking about things that happened in the past or things that may or may not happen in the future. We are never fully in the PRESENT moment. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress in our life.
Bringing our mind back to the PRESENT moment can benefit us immensely, both in our mental and physical wellbeing. We can lead a more conscious and grounded life with more clarity, creativity and calmness enabling us to deal with daily life situations more efficiently, thus, bringing a newfound purpose and peace into our lives.
It may make sense in theory – the secret to a more fulfilled life is to live in the PRESENT or some say live in the moment – enjoy every moment– but how do we do it? How can we immerse ourselves in the present moment and begin to enjoy every moment?
This is precisely what this three-hour workshop will discuss.
Santosh Nambiar, a Molecular Biologist by profession and a well-known author of 'A New Way of Living' (published by Balboa Press USA, Hay House) 'In Between Thoughts' and 'Taking Your Life from Mediocrity to Creativity' is presenting an interactive 3-hour workshop entitled– Mindfulness Made Simple – Theory and Practice in which Santosh will share with the group a simple but powerful common-sense meditation practice to recondition our brain to inspire clarity, peace, and creativity within the demanding and chaotic world we live in today.Learn about a simple effortless 'All-inclusive Absolute Awareness' meditation which can bring about the much-needed PEACE & PRESENCE in your life. If you are saying - "I don' have the time to practice this" – Good News… you don't have to allocate time from your busy schedule to practice this. This simple effortless method can be practised where ever you are and whatever you are doing. Whether you are at work or at home or at the supermarket or just going out for a walk in the park. Simple as that…[BREAK]Simple – Effortless – Easy to practice – No need to allocate specific time to practice.In this engaging and informative workshop, running from 3pm - 6pm, Santosh will discuss the theory of Mindfulness in a simple and easy to understand language based on scientific underpinning and the practice even simpler to put to use in your daily life situations. Other topics for discussion include how this simple effortless absolute awareness can help you in your daily life to: Live in the present and enjoy each moment to the full.Quiet your mind's incessant mind chatter and deal with difficult thoughts and emotions.Deal with fear, anger, anxiety, and stress and rediscover a life of well-being.Brain management - Moving from Mediocrity to creativity.How to access your own innate intelligence for higher creativity.End confusion and con& #64258 ;icts in your head and discover your own brain full of clarity and creativity in all aspects of your life.[BREAK]TESTIMONIAL"The conventions are logical & simple, allowing participants to easily and quickly put each practice to use in their daily lives"- San Francisco Chronicle"[i]As a yoga teacher with over two decades of experience, I feel that it contains valuable teachings on how to live a more conscious life and how to maximise one's full creative potential[/i]." - Fiona Hyde, Principal of Williamstown Yoga and MeditationFor more testimonials please visit www.santoshnambiar.com/reviews[BREAK]DATE & VENUE The workshop is on Saturday 24th Aug 2019 at Hawthorn Community Precinct – Hawthorn Library Meeting Room 1 ( ground floor) Places are strictly limited to 20 persons per session.[BREAK]COSTEarly Bird offer - $45 per person (ENDS 12 TH AUGUST 2019) General Admission: $75 per personConcession for pension card holders, healthcare cardholders and full-time students - $35 per person.[BREAK]DURATION3 hours 3pm - 6pm (15 min tea break)[BREAK]LOCATIONHawthorn Community Precinct, 584 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, VIC 3122Hawthorn Library Meeting Room 1 ( ground floor). [BREAK]CAR PARKINGParking available at the Precinct. Please come early to secure a park.[BREAK]WHAT TO BRINGNothing[BREAK]DRESS CODECasual (comfortable)[BREAK]If you are interested in attending, please note prior bookings are essential; you can book your place by clicking here . Places are strictly limited per session. [BREAK]For more information on Santosh or this workshop, please visit www.santoshnambiar.com

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