Millionaire Hot Seat Audition

Millionaire Hot Seat Audition


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Who wants to be a millionaire? I do! That's why I decided a few months ago to try out for Millionaire Hot Seat - the quiz show hosted by Eddie McGuire.

The Channel 9 website was my starting point . A few days after doing a 7 question quiz I received an email regarding auditions.

As the show is recorded in Melbourne, if you're not in Melbourne you'll have to wait for a special audition to be organised. My audition was at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre . I was not sure what to expect as the instructions were simply to bring a pen, clipboard and photo ID and allow up to 4 hours. As I arrived at the venue I was lucky enough to run into another potential contestant. She was from Nanango and told me only some people made it through the first stage.

Registration was quick and we were then ushered into a room with two big screens showing episodes from the show. By the time the doors closed there were about 120 people there. The executive producer, Steve, gave us a rundown of how the evening would work.

First there was a 30 question quiz then an interview on camera. He explained that normally there was a cut off after the quiz but because of the low turnout everyone would go through to the second stage. He said it was important to interview well as contestants were chosen based on how the audience would react to them.

The quiz was presented in multiple choice format as it is on the show. We had an answer sheet and 15 seconds to answer each question. The first question was a cinch, piece of cake I was thinking but they did get harder. We swapped papers with each other for marking. After everyone had their papers back Steve asked for a show of hands as to who got 30 correct answers.No one did. The best effort was 28. I scored 22 so was feeling pretty good.

We were divided into three groups and moved into separate areas. We were given a questionairre to fill out which was looking for the interesting things you had done in your life.There were also questions about what you would do if you won some money. Steve explained that we would each be given about a minute to convince him that we should be on the show

People told some really interesting stories. Everything from childhood accidents to winning an Australian championship with a barber shop quartet. I was quite nervous and rambled on about growing up on a farm in a 120 year old bluestone mansion then my experiences at boarding school and university. After the screen test it was time to have a photo taken and then I was free to leave. It took just over two hours for the whole process.

Now all I can do is wait and see if I get a call while I dream about flying first class and chatting to my personal stylist.

So how can you get a place on Millionaire Hot Seat? Head online and fill in the registration form . Make sure you have a story. If you're lucky enough to get through to the audition process you'll need something that sets you apart from the crowd. Sure knowing the answers helps, but it's probably an interesting story that will get you sitting in the Hot Seat.

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