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Posted 2013-05-26 by Sara Ikmalfollow

It was on an oven-warm and bright sunny morning when a group of us ventured out to meet for brunch at Milk and Butter, a charming cafe located just down the street from the Bangsar Village shopping malls. The air-conditioning was a welcome respite from the sunlight spilling on the sidewalks, and we sat down to order. The cafe serves a variety of Western dishes, and I honed straight onto the all-day breakfast menu.

We took our time to order, and when we did the hot honey milk that my boyfriend ordered was the first thing to arrive. It came with two crispy and sweet biscuits.

The restaurant is cosy enough, with some framed quotes on the wall and cakes on display. It wasn't very crowded, though it started to fill up in the afternoon as more people turned up for their Saturday lunch. The ceiling lamps here are shaped like whisks! I thought that was really cute.

I haven't had eggs Benedict with smoked salmon since I was studying in Adelaide last year, so I ordered it to satisfy the craving. For RM16, I got a plate with two poached eggs sitting on beds of smoked salmon and brioche bread, with some asparagus on the side as well as a small cup of Hollandaise sauce. Breaking the yolks gave me a giddy sort of satisfaction - the gooey liquid rush of eggs perfectly poached.

My friend ordered the baby spinach and mushroom brioches, which came with a poached egg and a generous dribbling of honey balsamic reduction. I didn't get a taste but it looked really good.

Another friend ordered the cafe's version of the breakfast platter, which came as a plate heaped with scrambled eggs, a sausage, a hash brown, a small bruschetta as well as a second type of meat that I'm not too sure of - it's either beef or chicken. This was going at RM17, which I think was pretty worth it considering the amount of food that came with it.

My boyfriend got the crabmeat bruschetta, which is also from the breakfast menu - we were all in a very brunchy mood. He described it as being a kind of comfort food, warm and cheesy. I liked it, the crabmeat tasted really good on the toast. It's also something a little different, as I don't usually see this on breakfast menus anywhere else.

The only one of us who didn't opt for something breakfasty went instead for one of Milk and Butter's pasta dishes: the linguine cream concasse. The name sounds really fancy, though ' concasse ' actually refers to crushing or dicing, and is usually referred to tomatoes. This makes sense, as the pasta is made with chicken ham and turkey ham in a creamy marinara sauce. My friend couldn't finish it all, and had enough to pack for home after our visit was over.

I was sitting directly opposite this sign, and I can't lie, it had a pretty big influence on me. I wasn't the only one though, as my friend who sat next to me felt compelled to obey it as well. In the end, we decided to get dessert after all, though not before our main meals, as the wall suggested.

There are quite a few dessert options here and we ended up with the vanilla creme brulee, which appears to be their signature dessert dish. The original price is RM16, but because of our friend who got the breakfast platter, we got it at a set price of RM10. The dish arrived with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a thin biscuit to go with it, as well as some chopped peanuts. I have to say that the creme brulee was delicious - we could clearly see the vanilla beans in the creamy dessert, and there was just the right amount of caramelised sugar on top.

We spent a few hours here just relaxing and taking our own sweet time with our food. Also, to any Muslim readers, the restaurant is pork-free, though some dishes do have traces of alcohol, so it's a good idea to check first if you're unsure. The service was okay, and the atmosphere was nice. Some of the food was better than others, while the creme brulee was divine. I'm tempted to visit again to try their other menu items instead of just the breakfast meals. Definitely a charming cafe - nothing fantastic, but a comfy place for brunch with friends.

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