Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew @ Fortitude Valley

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew @ Fortitude Valley


Posted 2014-11-05 by Praneel Lal-Beadnellfollow

After having left London for a short period, I realised I am desperately missing the city's extra indulgent foods and eateries. When I think of my home town of Brisbane, I usually don't fathom anything comparing in the BBQ department... until now. Luckily enough, I was able to find a delicious haunt that has only recently come to my attention, its name you ask? Is Mighty Mighty Cue & Brew.

Located in the epitome of valley swank, you will find nestled in a new development, this BBQ aroma-ed establishment. Mighty Mighty has combined the best bits American culture has to offer, that is: food and porn star cowboys ( confused? well it was rumoured that John Holmes - Google him - was the model for Mighty Mighty's "urban cowboy" character plastered on the back wall of the eatery). Anyway, anyone who comes to Mighty Mighty is there to chow down in their temple of meaty goodness.

Now, some have said that Mighty Mighty is not an ideal first date situation, that may be because you will have your date messing around with large portions (winning) and see them lose all inhibition as they pull and gnaw meat right off the bone of their hickory smoked BBQ ribs. Your date will no doubt have sticky fingers and a sticky face after their ravenous ordeal... To me that sounds like a dream, that may be because I am engaged to a meat-loving-foodie, but you get my drift - First date : No. Second date: yes. Single: this should be your new regular place to visit.

What I like about this restaurant is that it takes a much loved comfort menu filled with deep-fried, slow cooked and hickory smoked meats and places it a slightly up-market scenario, but then delivers on quality and quantity not to mention value. When you walk into Mighty Mighty I didn't feel I was walking into a dingy bar smelling of slaughter, but rather an up-beat, functional venue with low scale rusticity, glossy tiles and modern, wooden furniture.

Now onto the prize, the food. The menu is as you would expect, one that lays homage to Southern cuisine. First off the bat was the Mighty Hot Links - house made smoked pork leg & beef brisket sausage, with pickled cremini mushroom, cheddar and tomato relish. This was not really my cup of tea, however my partner absolutely loved it. He said it was rich in texture, yet juicy and teamed with the cheddar gave it a nice finish. I, on the hand, commenced with the Mighty Mighty Hot Wings in Politically Correct (aka mild). These were juicy and very saucy and packed full of flavour that had me licking my fingers with delight.

Sides always go best with a sweet cocktail and we opted for the Highlander, which teamed ketel citroen, aperol, peach schnapps, raspberries and ruby grapefruit juice. On the sweet side it hit the spot to commence a wonderful Saturday night.

Our main, of course, had to be the slow cooked ribs. The 450g was not an option, but the 900g Barbeque Beef Short Ribs was. Setting us back about $40 for the ribs was not too bad as they were covered in delectable smoked meat and teamed with a side of waffle potatoes. To add to this the Shoe String Fries made an appearance with a smokey aioli style sauce, which was the perfect condiment to round up the selection.

Mighty Mighty definitely requires a return visit, purely for the immense portions (about time). There are a lot of appealing dishes on the menu, which I am already salivating over.

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