The Middle Feast Restaurant

The Middle Feast Restaurant


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It is no secret that Merrylands is the go-to spot for authentic Middle-Eastern Fare. One such eatery to join the line-up is The Middle Feast. Having recently launched a brand new menu, it is making waves with their authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine and decadent dessert menu.

We accepted an invitation to visit this restaurant and what we did not expect was the middle-eastern royal palace vibes! From the moment we arrived, we were wowed by the beautiful interior decked out hanging fanoos lanterns, Arabic style archways, Persian rugs with palms scattered around the room. This place exhibits d├ęcor typical of Marrakesh palace.

We thought we were transported into the movie set of Aladdin. I regretted I did not bring my Princess Jasmine's jewel slippers.

The Middle Feast's specialty is their offering of amazing dishes from Turkish and Lebanese origins. Having recently embraced the Australian weekend brunch culture, the Middle Feast also offer an Australian inspired weekend brunch menu that offers Middle-Eastern fusion breakfast dishes and Aussie cafe classics.

We arrived around noon, so we got to choose from the best of both worlds: the breakfast menu and the traditional Middle East menu. They have made some changes to the menu with some old favourites retained, and soon-to-be-new-favourites introduced.

The menu is divided into 'small plates'' and 'BBQ -Grill' sections, as well as a comprehensive pizza list, with an emphasis on sharing. Along with my friend, we were able to work our way through the menus.

[IMAGE="" caption="Crispy Lebanese Bread $5
(Freshly cut and lightly fried Lebanese bread)" align="CENTER" width="100%" margin="5" title="" wrap="0" border="1" thumb="" link=""]

The meal started in a traditional way with a basket of fresh and crispy Lebanese bread. They also included flatbread with zataar. A plate of complimentary pickle also arrived.

[IMAGE="" width="100%" border="1" thumb="" link="" wrap="0" title="" margin="5" align="CENTER" caption="Sujuk and Egg Guvec $21
(Sujuk -Turkish sausage pan tossed with fresh tomato, lemon juice, Napolitano sauce, layered in a crockpot, with 2 eggs sunny side up topped with fetta, mozzarella cheese and oven-baked. Served with homemade sesame seed bread."]

The first brunch dish to arrive was the Sujuk and Egg Guvec (an equivalent version of baked eggs). Instead of using Spanish chorizo sausages, the Middle Feast used Turkish sausage sujuk baked in rich tomato sauce and topped with fetta and mozzarella cheese. The combination of ingredients was rich in taste and was perfect with the warm homemade sesame seed breadsticks.

[IMAGE="" align="CENTER" caption="Mediterranean Platter $21
(Freshly baked bread, scrambled eggs and sujuk, black and green olives, zaatar dip, labne,cucumber, tomatoes and stringy haloumi cheese)" width="100%" border="1" thumb="" link="" wrap="0" title="" margin="5"]

The manager highly recommended their breakfast Mediterranean Platter and it looked absolutely delightful on the plate. It did not disappoint either, the scrambled eggs were flavoursome and matched well with marinated olives, zaatar dip, fresh cucumber and tomatoes and amazing stringy halloumi cheese!

[IMAGE="" wrap="0" thumb="" border="1" link="" margin="5" title="" width="100%" align="CENTER" caption="Shawarma and Hummos $18
(Grilled Marinated lamb strips sitting on a bed of
hummos. Garnished with onion, tomato, parsley
and tahini dressing)"]

Next up was Shawarma and Hummus, from the smaller 'mezze' menu. The portion was generous, appetising with bold flavours. It is a seemingly simple dish and often served that it would need to be perfect to shine in its own right. The grilled marinated lamb strips were juicy and tender and they paired beautifully with the creamy hummus. It was garnished with french onion, tomato, parsley and tahini dressing to refresh our palate.

[IMAGE="" wrap="0" title="" margin="5" link="" align="CENTER" border="1" caption="Middle Feast Mixed Plate $30
(1 lamb skewer, 1 chicken skewer and 1 kafta skewer,
hummos, baba ghanouj, falafel, fries, cheese samboosek,
garlic sauce and traditional tabouleh salad. Served with pickles and Lebanese bread)" width="100%" thumb=""]

We also ordered a Middle Feast Mixed Plate because we wanted to sample a bit of everything. The Mixed Plate was generously piled with mixed grilled meats, salad and plenty of side dishes.

Part of the Mixed Plate also comes with Lebanese garlic sauce, hummus and Baba Ghanouj. These were great dips. I absolutely loved Middle Fest's Baba ghanoush, a smoky eggplant dip mixed with tahini. It was perfect on grilled meat or on its own.

They also included falafel, fries and cheese samboosek on the mixed plate. Of these, my friend thought the falafel was the stand out dish. The manager told us the cheese samboosek was his favourite. Indeed it was a delicious house-made pastry parcel filled with a trio of cheese and shallots.

After these succulent tender meat, I thought we were pretty much done. Well... not quite so when we took a peek at the dessert menu.

Dessert was on offer, and how could one resist these fun fresh fruit cocktails? These dessert drinks are an indulgent delight, heaven in every mouthful. A fabulous combination and obviously they are on the sweet side of life.

[IMAGE="" wrap="0" title="" margin="5" link="" align="CENTER" border="1" caption="Avocado Cocktail $15
(Blended fresh avocado, served with fruits, cream, honey, roasted nuts and pistachios)" width="100%" thumb=""]

When our drinks (or desserts) arrived, it was an OMG moment. These were not your normal cocktail drinks, they were the Middle Feast's signature cocktails!

My friend ordered an Avocado Cocktail and it looked very healthy with blended fresh avocado. It was beautifully garnished with fruits, cream honey, roasted nuts and pistachios. It looked very appealing and it could be a meal on its own. My friend certainly enjoyed it.

[IMAGE="" title="" wrap="0" margin="5" border="1" align="CENTER" link="" thumb="" width="100%" caption="Middle Feast Cocktail $19
(Large glass of layered fresh avocado, mango, strawberries, passion fruit topped with berry compote, cream, honey and roasted nuts and pistachios)"]

I ordered a Middle Feast cocktail and it looked more lavish than my friend's. Could that event be possible? Well, the Middle Feast certainly know how to impress.

My large 'dessert' glass was layered with fresh avocado, mango, strawberries and passion fruits. It was garnished with dripping whipped cream and dusted with pistachio nuts. It was instantly appealing because of its pretty tones but it was a bit too sweet for me. However, I am sure this is a popular dessert drink with the sweet tooth out there.

All dishes are certainly Instagrammable as the chef used clever colour palates and balances textures. Our table certainly looked very blissful with the lavish feast. Talk about abundance! One warning - you need to make room for desserts when you dine here at the Middle Feast.

Overall, it really was a delightful meal at the Middle Feast. The service was attentive, with an exotic dining environment and the food were bursting with colours and flavours. All of these enhanced our dining experience.

With hospitality being a central part of Middle Eastern culture and many more options to explore on the extensive menu, you can bet that your visit to The Middle Feast will leave you well fed.

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