Sunday Breakfast at Mickle Pickle Espresso

Sunday Breakfast at Mickle Pickle Espresso


Posted 2016-05-02 by Camille Newlandsfollow
It is always nice to go out for a Sunday breakfast, and when I do go out I love experiencing a relaxing environment, something I perhaps wouldn't make at home and value for money. Mickle Pickle Espresso provided all of those things.

It has a great outdoor space with artificial turf which the kids thought was fantastic. There was a bounty of toys to keep them entertained and even though it was raining we didn't feel exposed to the elements. Being right on the main road you may expect to feel part of the traffic but the area is well shaded and protected from the passing traffic. As it was raining the traffic noise was a little amplified but never the less it was still a good place to sit and enjoy a Sunday breakfast.

The food was great. I mean really nice and not just because I didn't have to cook it. It was beautifully prepared, fresh, unique and prompt. My husband is coeliac and therefore has to be gluten free and he ordered a 'Breakfast Salad'. There were also gluten free bread options on the menu.

Quoting my husband, ".....this lemon dressing has actually made kale taste good!"

The eggs were poached to just runny — perfect, and there were no hard protein blobs in this salad. The 'Ricotta Pancake's were covered in beautiful fresh strawberries, raspberries and figs, and the 'Breakfast Burrito' was definitely something I will order on my next visit. The staff were very accommodating and gave us an extra plate for the kids to share the pancakes.

The menu did have a small children's selection but the kids desperately had to have pancakes and they demolished every morsel. Another good thing was that they did have kids sized drinks and appropriate cups with lids. It is amazing how such a simple thing can make the meal time experience so much more enjoyable when you aren't worrying about kids breaking glassware and spilling inappropriately sized drinks.

Breakfast items were very reasonably priced and exceptional value when you use the Entertainment Book voucher or App. There is nothing I hate more than going to breakfast and getting something I could have cooked myself and paying top dollar for it. I am afraid it doesn't matter if the bacon has come from a pig that has bathed in milk each day eating a diet of avocados, it is still bacon and eggs. The breakfast choices started with simple options such as sourdough fruit toast finishing with the 'Big Pickl'e (big breakfast) for those with a hearty appetite.

It is also located about a 5 minute drive away from the Moo and Glue Farmers and Craft Markets , Creek Road, Carina (Carina PCYC premises), so you can continue your Sunday morning by purchasing some fresh produce and art and craft.

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