Michael Zaiter College of Painting

Michael Zaiter College of Painting


Posted 2012-06-19 by Shibu Jacobfollow
Last year I had some spare time and wanted to learn to paint. After much research, I finally zeroed in on a painting class in Merrylands. It is run by an artist called Michael Zaiter and the college is named after him only. I attended classes once a week for a year and must add that, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The best thing about these classes are that they are cool and laid-back. There is no pressure to learn or perform, and there is no competition as each student works at his own pace and on a subject of his/her own choice. I just loved it.

Due to lack of time, I had to discontinue classes and still miss the vibrant atmosphere of these painting classes. The heart of these classes is the artist himself, Michael Zaiter. Michael came to Australia as a child of four, and he studied painting in the early 70's under Professor De Cusack. With his help, Michael set up his own college of painting in 1975, and has not looked back since then. I visited Michael's Painting College recently, and was lucky to catch him at work. He was working on a painting with reflections, which is his trademark.

Michael is a workaholic and his passion is painting and teaching to paint. His student range from young kids to senior citizens and they all enjoy themselves. His motto is "You have to enjoy painting to be able to paint" and I agree.

The classes run from Tuesday to Thursday and on Thursdays, only in the evenings. For enquiries,you can contact Michael Zaiter directly at his College. He teaches acrylics and oil. One has to bring his/her own colours and brushes and a picture of a topic. Michael always has a variety of pictures to choose from if you don't have a topic. Other requirements like rag cloth, palate and cleansing liquids and easel are provided in house. Many colleges that I researched don't provide these things.

Students were just about trickling in, and the Painting Classes were ready to commence. These were some of the people I studied with and I could see that they were still enjoying their classes. Some of them were here for the last 7 years. The fees are quite reasonable compared to what other people charge and what one learns here is priceless. Michael Zaiter does a lot for charity and good causes. I would encourage all who want to learn to paint to give this college a try. You won't regret it.

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