La Boqueria

La Boqueria


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La Rambla. One of the most famous streets in the world. Barcelona's central spine plays host to a vast range of eateries, bars and entertainment hotspots, and epitomises the action-packed area that dominates one of Spain's most adored cities. If you know La Rambla, then you'll know , the vibrant market that sits just off one of Spain's most lively streets.

Located in El Rival, has many entrances due to the vast space that it covers in the centre of the city, one if which can be found on La Rambla itself. Be careful, however, as once you're in, you're in. This is the case for two reasons actually, the first being that you quite simply won't want to leave unless you've discovered every inch of this unique and energetic market, and the second being that it's so hectic that you may find yourself getting lost within the mazy structure of stalls and vendors doing their best to sell their beautifully crafted products.

That endless list of tantalising products begins with a wide variety of fresh fruit, fish, cheese and nuts, and ends with exciting and tasty desserts and snacks to complete the perfect meal, with all sorts of idiosyncratic and beautifully thoughtful treats in between. It's one of Europe's most renowned food markets, and it's the perfect place to get lost up in the madness of Barcelona for a little while.

The market has a long-standing place in the history of the city, and grew to the bustling hub that it is today thanks to the many different neighbouring towns that shared their vast range of smells and colours with . Its iconic entrance opens up to an intricate and dizzying pathway, and it's undoubtedly worthwhile just popping into this vivacious market, even if you're not planning on delving into the delicious food and drink on offer.

It's loud, it's busy, and it's full of life, but that's what makes what it is. Freshness is the only thing rocking the menu, and the only place to find a true taste of Barcelona is right here in this animated market right off La Rambla, you can't miss it!

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