Meningie and the Pink Lake

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Posted 2016-12-27 by Camilla Warnerfollow
Located near the picturesque lakeside town of Meningie is a stunning pink lake. If you are travelling in between Tailem bend and Meningie along the Princess Highway, you will be sure to pass it, and its gorgeous pink colour is hard to miss. There is a spot for motorists to pull over, take photos and look in wonder at the pink salt lake. The pink colour is caused by the algae.

Natural bodies of water are always beautiful but there is something spectacular about looking over a pink lake, even if it is not exactly swim-worthy. The Pink Lake is set against a backdrop of some beautiful Australian scenery. If you continue on past the township and head for the Coorong, then you'll find another pink lake, where it is also possible to pull over to take a few snaps.

Meningie is a pleasant holiday town located on the shores of Lake Albert. Located 152 km south-east of Adelaide, Meningie is a charming holiday destination at the northern end of The Coorong. The large number of parks beside the lake, the reeds and the large numbers of birds, all combine to make it a town of particular beauty.

There's plenty to see and do around Meningie including walking, fishing and canoeing. There is the possibility to go camping in salt-lake surroundings in the Coorong National Park amid the flora and fauna. There are various walking trails or 4Wdriving along designated tracks and the beach.

Meningie is the perfect place to spend a few days and investigate the long, narrow lagoon that runs parallel with the coastal dunes for 140km. Explore this vast wetland ecosystem that consists of ocean beach, freshwater lakes, estuaries, saline lagoon and the Murray River mouth.

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