Where is the Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Melbourne

Where is the Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Melbourne


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Most people would have sat down to watch a sunset at some point in their lives, but where in Melbourne is the best place to spot one? Whether you're searching for a sunset to watch on a romantic date, or just like to watch it by yourself, there are some great places in Melbourne that will deliver the sight you're after. We've got a few ideas but we want to know where you think we'll find Melbourne's best sunset.

St Kilda Beach is a popular spot, especially if you're trying to find somewhere romantic to watch the sun go down. You might want to head here on a date, and take a walk along the beach or esplanade, or you could take a seat on the beach. Walking along the pier here could give you the perfect view, and there are plenty of romantic restaurants to visit once twilight hits. If you're a bit of romantic, then do you think St Kilda Beach is the best spot to watch the sunset in Melbourne?

Another waterfront location that brings some spectacular sunset views is a bit further away from the city. Along the Great Ocean Road you'll be able to witness sunsets that make this area even more amazing. Bunyip Tours run daily Great Ocean Road Sunset Tours , where your trip will end with the sun setting over the 12 Apostles. Maybe you think that this landmark location is the best place in Melbourne to watch the sunset.

To see the sunset from a different angle, head up to the top of Arthur's Seat . From up here you'll get to look out from above as the sun sets. There are some great views from up here, and seeing the sunset is definitely worth it. Is this sight enough to make this Melbourne's best place to watch the sunset?

Maybe you've taken one of the Moonlight Kayak Tours , heading through the docklands at dusk. Seeing the setting sun, right before night hits, might just top Melbourne's sunset possibilities. The tour will not only allow you to see a great sunset, but you'll also get to experience some other fun things around Melbourne.

So is one of these spots the best place to witness the sunset, or do you know of somewhere even better? What makes the perfect sunset, and where in Melbourne can you find it? We have a few ideas, but we want to know what you think. Where is the best sunset in Melbourne?

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