Meet the Mangroves at Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary

Meet the Mangroves at Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary


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Fri 30 Jun 2023

How mangrov-elly marvellous! Meet the Mangroves is a one-day winter school holiday session hosted at the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary in Bli Bli. I'm sure most parents are with me on this one and would agree … anything to keep the kids outdoors, happy, excited and indirectly learning new 'stuff'.

Environmental scientist, Lana Baskerville will take children on a journey of discovery through the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary , in this once-off fun-filled session where kids will learn to easily identify a variety of South East Queensland mangrove species and the amazing gifts these fascinating plants share with us.

%%'Did you know that much of our ocean life is dependant on mangrove wetlands? Of all the seafood that we harvest from the oceans, around 80% of it is nurtured in protective mangrove wetlands. What's more, nearly all sea life is linked to food chains that begin in this vital habitat.

Mangrove wetlands are also essential because they provide food and shelter for birds, they stabilise river banks and they help keep silt and soils out of river systems.%%'
Information courtesy of Cradle of Life image (see above) taken by author at the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary.

Lana will guide participants along the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary boardwalk to enjoy a hands on, interactive day out. Children will be licking leaves (yech!), spotting crabs and looking closely at the mud to explore the amazing adaptations that these rainforest trees have, to be able to live in the salty tidal waters.

After their mangrov-elly marvellous adventure, children will be able to reflect on the natural beauty they've experienced and the incredible facts they've learnt, through a botanical illustration exercise.

Please note that even though entry to the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary is free, tickets need to be pre-purchased for the 'Meet the Mangroves' fun morning. Ticket numbers are limited and at ONLY $10 per participant, will be sold out fast. Avoid disappointment and get in early - tickets may be purchased, via the eventbrite website, online here.

Proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council's Environmental Visitor Centres.

All images taken at Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary, courtesy of author, Elaine de Wet, except for the main image

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