Meet Mica Cafe

Meet Mica Cafe


Posted 2019-06-10 by Janellefollow

Come in to Meet Mica for delicious coffee and innovative interesting food. For the second year running, they have been named in the top twenty Sydney cafes by The Good Food Guide and usually have a steady stream of customers wishing to sample their wares. Reservations are taken for groups of five to twelve diners, less than five can walk in and register on the spot and larger groups need to contact Meet Mica directly on 02 8018 7370 or email [email protected].

The unfussy Scandinavian styled decor gives the cafe a clean contemporary look which allows the vibrancy of the food to shine. On first glance, the breakfast menu seems to contain the usual offerings but with their own twist such as oatmeal porridge with lychee tapioca and coconut foam or eggs benedict on a crispy bao with miso butter, yuzu hollandaise and tempura nori.

After settling in with a smooth Reuben Hills coffee and a ginger latte which was like a warm hug on a cold day we settled on sharing three dishes from the lunch menu of nine. The bao bao bento is only available on weekends with two soft buns, one containing a teriyaki chicken and the other a Japanese egg roll with sides of lotus chips and edaname. This dish contained a variety of textures and flavours from soft to crisp and creamy as well as salty, sweet, spicy and unami.

Deliciously decadent the rich buttery croissant was filled to overflowing with a creamy silky scrambled egg. The pieces of crab within added a different texture and a sweet touch of the sea which was then enhanced by the salty pops of coral coloured fish roe.

Last but not least was the infamous matcha french lava toast which is possibly the most popular item in the menu. The crunchy charred crust of French toast is dusted with matcha powder and as one cuts into it a bright green matcha sauce flows onto the plate. I found the flavour a bit intense for my Western palate and needed to use the condensed milk sauce to balance the bitterness. That being said I did enjoy the experience as it challenged my perception of dessert and my dining companion finished her serve.

Meet Mica is a busy inner city cafe that serves up interesting Asian flavours in a warm and welcoming space.

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