Medieval Times: Dinner and Tournament

Medieval Times: Dinner and Tournament


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I've been to several quirky restaurants with weird deco and creative menus that make you smile. But Medieval Times at Buena Park really took the idea of a unique dining experience to new heights.

You enter through to a slightly recent looking Spanish style fortress complete with a tower and castellation. Upon entry you'll be greeted by the extras from Merlin (or it seems) and be given a royal crown wrought of the finest cardboard of your designated colour. Then you'll find yourself amidst a crowd generally heading towards a medieval amphitheatre and will be seated according to your colour.

As you enter the hall seating 1116 people the scale of this show really hits you! I must say people were quite excited and the cheers that rang out as each of the colours were called out was quite impressive. The show began with an introduction from the Lord Chancellor who familiarized us on the 'current events' and announced the entry of King Don Carlos and the fairest in the kingdom, his daughter Princess Catalina.

The king and the princess watched and feasted from the royal box located at one end of the oval. And as the Lord Chancellor called out their names and proper introductions, the knights of the many colours came gallantly riding from underneath the royal balcony. Again, the roar of the crowd was very impressive as each of the kingdoms (Black and White, Blue, Red and Yellow, Yellow, Red and Green) cheered for their hero! We too put on our green crowns and joined in on the cheer leading squad. It is at this point that the tomato soup, I mean blood of dragon, was served with crispy garlic bread.

After some admirable equestrian tricks from the knights in shining armour (literally) we also witnessed the flight of the Royal falcon courtesy of the Royal Falconer. Meanwhile a charming well…waiter (or however they were referred to back in the time of chivalry) very politely asked us if everyone ate 'baby dragon'. And soon enough baby dragons were served, medieval style with no cutlery. You just had to use those fingers to tear apart the juicy meat. Luckily it was finger licking good and of course don't tell anyone but 'Baby Dragon' turned out be a fully grown chicken's leg, which is just as well since the medieval WWF might be a little worried if they were serving baby dragons (aren't they endangered?).

The atmosphere became more heated when Lord Ulrick, The Herald of the North demanded the hand of Princess Catalina (who of course refused) or a challenge with the most skilled of the knights. Then began the various competitions among the knights in which the winner received several roses from the beautiful princess. The knights then threw the roses at the audience, if you want one wave your arms like crazy and scream 'ME! As we watched the on-going clashing of lances and twirling of Bolas our very likeable waiter (how can you not like someone who keeps calling you 'My Lady') served us with even more of the delicious feast prepared by the royal chefs. This time spare rib and herb roasted potatoes, both cooked very well.

Finally the duels between the knights began as the King sought his 'one true champion'. Alas the Green knight was defeated and the Red and Yellow knight stood tall to be given the honour of duelling with Lord Ulrick. As this 'ferocious' battle took place nets were pulled down from the roof to protect the audience from any splinters or flying daggers. As we watched the dramatic action between good and evil the final piece of the meal, braided apple strudel was served. The pastry was thin and crispy and quite delicious, hats off to their 'royal chefs'! Of course as predicted the villain was beaten and taken prisoner and the kingdom rejoiced with the faithful crowd cheering on. When finally coffee and other beverages were served Princess Catalina and the Knight searched for the queen of love and beauty among the audience and one lucky very young girl was bestowed with the honour. Thus ended my dinner experience in the medieval times!

As you make your way out to the 21st century, there is a gift shop if you want to take a piece of the past back with you. Also, there are photo opportunities with the cast members and also don't forget to take an up close look at the horses they are truly beautiful. This was without doubt one of the weirdest and most wonderful dinners I have had.

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