Mazi Mas Pop Up Restaurant

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Posted 2015-11-26 by Janice Williamsfollow
Mazi Mas is a unique dining experience. Not only is it a pop-up restaurant, using other restaurants as its venue, the staff are migrant and refugee women who cook their national dishes.

Mazi Mas, a Greek word meaning "eat with us", is a not for profit enterprise which provides women opportunities to attain an independent income, giving them skills to gain employment in the food industry or start their own business.

The reputation of Mazi Mas is growing. I managed to acquire two of the few remaining tickets to attend their recent event. When booking tickets for Mazi Mas, customers do not know the cuisine until arrival at the restaurant so there was anticipation for what the evening held. Each event has different cuisine. This event was held at Bar Cupola in Pitt Street, Sydney, which shared its venue and kitchen facilities with Mazi Mas.

When we arrived, there was a food and drinks menu on the table for us to become acquainted with our "surprise" meal. We were offered a welcome cocktail called the Mazi Mas Garden Sling which consisted of gin, elderflower, apple juice, lemon juice and ginger beer. This cocktail was not only welcome, it was very refreshing. Any additional drinks were from $9.

There were two entrees which were share dishes. Beef kebabs cooked with herbs and spices was indeed spicy and very delicious. The other entree was an interesting blend of eggplant, walnut and whey with pita bread. I have not tasted a dish like this. It was delightfully moist and thoroughly enjoyable.

The next course were three mains which arrived together as a shared dish. The slow cooked lamb and herb stew was very appetizing. The pieces of chicken cooked in tomato and spices was sensational. The third main which was a cabbage curry was quite spicy but when I mixed this dish with the saffron rice, helped to alleviate some of the heat from this wonderful curry.

The last course was first class - the dessert. It was Persian ice cream with the added flavour of rosewater and the nuttiness of pistachio. This was yummy central! To top off these incredible flavours, was nougat on the side. I'm not a fan of nougat, having only tried the hard chewy nougat. The nougat for this dessert, though, was spongy like marshmallow. Fortunately, for my partner and I, the dessert was not a shared dish and we each had two pieces of nougat so there were no battles over this sweetener.

The women who served us were attentive and very professional. All three courses were very tasty and healthy too. The meals were not laden with cream or saturated with pureed tomatoes. These dishes were exquisite. I am looking forward to my next visit to a Mazi Mas dining event.

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