Mayberry Dairy Farm

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Posted 2012-11-26 by Stella Bella follow
A dairy tour with newborn calves babysitting

On the way to Mayberry Dairy Farm, the beautiful Louis Armstrong song, "What a Wonderful World", which was features in a Cadbury Chocolate TV advertisement, was lingering in my head - it really felt like a "milky way" leading to our destination.

When we arrived at the farm, a big milk cow statue welcomed us - as well as the smell of milk and cows. It was so lovely to see a bunch of newborn calves roaming around the farm with tags on their ears. I was eager to get out off the car and headed straight to a little one lying on the grass. He still had his belly cord; I assumed that it was about a month old. He smelled me curiously with his pinky sticky nose. I patted his back, he got even closer - I got attached to this one straight away.

Mayberry Diary Farm has been owned and operated by the Whatman family in Bowral, since 2008. The lovely couple, Craig and Tammy, welcomed us at their Reception Lounge where you can have a good view of the dairy factory. Before I arrived, I that that cows were still hand milked - but then I saw all the machines and the operation system to milk the cows.

Craig gave us a brief history of the farm and how they have worked hard to make Mayberry a local favourite milk source for the local supermarkets.

While he was explaining all the machines in the farm to us, I could see the cows come in and line up at their own spots obediently and the farmer connected the tubes to the teats on the cow udders. The milk would be sucked into a tunnel and travels down into a huge steel storage tank. After they were done, the gate would be opened automatically, and the cows left their cubic spots and walked into the backyard. Craig joked with us that the cows knew their jobs better than he did.

I was still thinking of the little one when Tammy told me that it was their feeding time. They were hungry, so she picked a full bucked of creamy raw milk and headed to the farm. She was glad to let me do her routine job, so instead of hand milking the cows, I babysat the newborn calves who followed me around wherever I went, to be specific, wherever the bucket went. It was indeed a great farm experience for people of all ages.

The is close to Red Cow Farm , so these two farms can be great travel destinations on a Southern Highland day trip. If you are interested in visiting the Mayberry Dairy Farm, you can call Tammy and Craig. They will try to arrange individual bookings into a group as they prefer a group of 10 people for per visit. For more information, please click here .

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