Max Brenner, Surfers Paradise

Max Brenner, Surfers Paradise


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If you are unaware of Max Brenner then well shame on you, for it is luxury chocolatey awesomeness at its best. Located throughout the Gold Coast in Main Beach, Broadbeach and Robina, it now has a brand spanking new cafe and store in Surfers Paradise .

Offering hot and cold drinks and pretty much anything sweet you can think of to cover, drizzle or dunk in chocolate, it is absolutely worth visiting and indulging for a special occasion or just to treat yourself or a loved one.

The menu consists of lots of chocolate, coffee and teas, waffles, milk shakes, cakes, crepes, fondue, ice cream and pastries. Goodness, I am making myself hungry! You can see the full menu here . If you are health conscious but still want to indulge, then you can download their nutritional information here .

The new venue is situated opposite Starbucks, part of the Chevron Renaissance Centre on Surfers Paradise Boulevard. A potential competitor you may think, although I feel the public will use them for different purposes - Max Brenner you possibly wouldn't get your everyday coffee fix from - but you would head their for a special occasion. So in a away they compliment each other, and it adds to Chevron Renaissance, as a great dining precinct.

It has the usual decor inside, quotes from the "bald man" - his words not mine, I wouldn't be so rude - and displays and pictures of chocolate, together with a bright mix of chocolatey colours. It has loads of indoor and outdoor seating, much bigger than Robina and Broadbeach, which is great as they are both usually very busy, and it can sometimes be difficult to get a seat.

The couple of times I have visited, and also when I have walked past, it hasn't been that busy so I'm unsure how they cope with a busy service, but I would imagine, like the others, the staff are trained to the same high level. The staff were certainly welcoming and friendly when I visited, and the place was clean and tidy - I feel their is nothing worse in a cafe when you sit at a table with dirty cups and plates everywhere.

The food and drinks served are as always totally decadent and scrumptious, and beautifully presented like a work of art. Now, although I don't have a very sweet tooth, sometimes we all crave some chocolate and there really isn't anywhere better. As you would expect, for the quality and intense sugary love, it is slightly more expensive than other places, but as a treat, occasionally, it is certainly worth it.

The chocolate drinks are different from your usual caffeine fix, this is pure luxury in a cute mug, which they call a hug mug. I have my usual mocha, which at Max Brenner feels like drinking silk, it is sweet and creamy and can be made with white, dark or milk chocolate.

As you would expect around times such as Christmas and Easter they have lots of delicious promotions and treats and their attention to detail in the barista work is just adorable.

I am loving the increase of great places in Surfers Paradise recently, and Max Brenner is a welcome addition, plus it gives me a new little hub to write in, one which drizzles everything in chocolate, yum.

They have a little store there too where you can buy delicious chocolates, so you can even take the Max experience home with you, or give to someone special.

Opening times vary, as they are open slightly earlier and later on the weekend, so you can indulge pretty much any time if the day.

Mon-Thurs: 9am - 11pm
Fri: 9am - Midnight
Sat: 8am- Midnight
Sun: 8am - 11pm

Plus, the Chevron Renaissance Centre now offers free parking for up to 2 hours, you don't need the $10 receipt anymore, it is totally free, so you won't have to search for a safe park when you visit.

A couple of months ago, this area was a bit of a mess, with all the tram work going ahead, now that is all finished, it's back to being a lively hub of activity and people. Sit outside, sip an amazing drink, delve into something chocolatey and watch the world go by.

If you are a real chocoholic you can sign up for their newsletter here and get news, recipes, updates, offers and more.

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